Friday, January 13, 2012

Time is Ticking away – the Fly By Weeks

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Today’s Blog Post
Time is Ticking away – the Fly By Weeks

The quote states…
Whatever you want to do,
Do it.
There are only so many tomorrows.

I paused for a bit when I read that one. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy… I have to get moving. Now!

I particularly noticed this phenomena in my life this past fall and then into Christmas. As a business owner now and also actively involved in sales that have been moving well… there is not enough time to get it all done.

Last summer I had sold all my stock that had been piling up. I thought that as we moved into early 2011 that the level of production would match or keep up to the sales that we were experiencing. By June it evaporated. It didn’t happen.

September was a hungry month. Everyone wanted more. October followed with more requests… then Christmas buried me. Almost kept up but I lost it and was swamped.

There wasn’t enough time to get it all done.

The weeks have become “Fly Bys” where I just get a glimpse and then have to look into the next two or three… that are fast approaching.

The events that happened during the June to December in our lives made things slower as well. Small crisis in the house and yard caused projects that needed to get done, to stall. A complete basement reno following a leak in the basement foundation, then a couple of weeks to replace the backyard shed – all took valuable time away.

The thundering realization is from my 2011 experience is… there wasn’t enough time to do it all. I am human and I can be buried alive with too many projects that come at one time.

The quote’s thought makes complete sense. Whatever I want to do, I had better do it now… there isn’t a lot of time left to get it all done!

Another good quote I have pasted to the top of my office desk… it says…
“The days I have left are less than the days I have left.”

In any week I can see that happening now. It was just Monday yesterday… Suddenly it is Friday. What happened to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday?

Time is evaporating like the water.

There is one good answer to my dilemma – get up earlier to make more time. Getting rolling earlier as well and cut out some distractions.

BUT – and it is a big BUT – the bed is so warm and cozy at night… I don’t want to leave earlier in the morning. When I crawl in at midnight it is getting harder to crawl out at 5 AM… so 6 or 7 is looking better… but in reality 4 AM would be ideal. Did you ever notice that between 4 AM and 7 AM there are not a lot of other folk out of bed – and no one calls or emails for more help during that time!?!

My wife helped kick start another listed project this week. She pointed to a pile of Teddy Bears that have been selected for the transforming surgery I do. I need to operate on each Teddy Bear, remove their brains, remove their eyes and nose, then carve each one a new face, install the eyes and replace the brain. This pile has to be done by November.

That little reminder also nudged me to another selected pile of Teddy Bears that number about 100 that are also ready to be done – soon.

Another invite happened this week for a May sale… that is added to a late January and mid February special presentation that is coming real fast. But then there is April, May and June’s regular shows that I need to be ready for as well.

So why am I taking time to type all this out… I should be out of her and into the shop… starting the day off right away? You are right. I need to run – now.

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

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