Thursday, January 12, 2012

The New Hunger Games – Part Two – Separation and Divorce

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Today’s Blog Post

The New Hunger Games – Part Two – Separation and Divorce
Yesterday I wrote about the book “The Hunger Games”(the books) – today I will chase around the idea of Separation and Divorce… another kind of Hunger Game.

The thing that prompts my stepping forward is an Email Ad that I received from “WagJag” today.

Explanation: WagJag is a internet connection company that offers me special deals at greatly reduced prices each day. It is a good way to get businesses out there in front of the public that might need their services. It is possible that the public that needs the service just isn’t aware of the services that the company is providing.

Well today here is the deal of the day… A company is offering three hours of divorce mediation for a mere $120 – with the regular price being $300 for the three hours.

The ad reads… quote…
“They say two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts definitely make a right. Know your rights and get your wrongs sorted out with today's WagJag, for three hours of divorce mediation for $120 from A Plus Mediation (a $300 value).

Your voucher lets you figure out what's right for you as you come to an agreement about splitting up and moving on. A Plus Mediation assists couples in the creation of a parenting plan, the division of assets, support payments and any other issues in order to come to an acceptable arrangement for separation. As fully accredited family and child protection mediators, the team at A Plus Mediation provide an alternative to litigation, where two parties engage their own counsel to battle it out in court. Separations do not have to be so stressful - figure out what's best for your family situation with mediation instead. Mediation is fast, private and often costs less than litigation, especially with this WagJag.” End quote (Note – as of this writing there are only 6 days left on this offer.)

Without a doubt this is the most unusual offer they have provided their internet followers. Usually it is a restaurant deal or cruise that is being offered at great deals for a romantic get-a-way!

This kind of sticks it right out there for couples that would like to consider the ultimate fight – the tearing and ripping or all things family.

Who would use this kind of thing? Surely it can’t be that popular that people would rush to get in on this one

Well sadly enough it is not something that many want to talk about… but a number of folk I know are either right up to the ears into the separation and heading for divorce or are just jumping ship into a lonely boat of a life without taking responsibility.

In fact at this moment in time I am watching a number of couples that are walking on the edge. And on top of that I can see a few teetering close to it.

Suddenly we have gone from only one to many situations that are in dire need of help.

No one knew that they were in trouble when they looked at these cases. But sure enough when one person made a stupid choice, suddenly the whole world knows and stands aghast with what took place.

The ad stated… “They say two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts definitely make a right. Know your rights and get your wrongs sorted out with today's WagJag, for three hours of divorce mediation for $120 from A Plus Mediation.”

I liked the quip of two wrongs don’t make a right… Good one! And the “but three lefts definitely make a right.”…is a real good one!

That describes so neatly the fight that these couples have chosen…. At least one in the relationship has chosen to kick it to the curb.

In one situation the wife left for a much older man and has packed off to another city leaving her kids and husband behind. Now she is showing her beautiful ugly side. Mind you she is a super Christian and is continuing to write her Christian thoughts for the whole world to read.

The WahJag deal wouldn’t help her at all. She is smarter than anyone else and doesn’t see what is happening to her kids and everything around her. Nope the $120 bargain will not help these folks.

The second couple is not a direct contact with me, I can’t get the offer to the couple other than through an acquaintance.

But with a long history of indiscretions on the part of this now old man… they wife is going absolutely crazy with rage. She has recently discovered how many she now knows of that he has either been with or tried to be with. She is in shock as her now mature husband is appearing as a “Warren Rabbit” that has been poking and stoking where ever he can – FOR YEARS!

I am not sure but I am pretty sure he is a grandfather to boot… and who knows how many times her has fathered children somewhere with no responsibility for them.

Nope the $120 bargain with three hours mediation will not likely help either of these old folks. But if I carved a good whipping stick for the wife to use, plus constructed a Stock where her husband’s head and arms could be secured… she would buy it in a heartbeat!

From all the reports that I have been given on that one – she is in a terrible state of mind at this time. If she could get away with it, “Murder” might be a consideration. But she likely couldn’t even do it, because his “love life” has destroyed her life. What should be Golden Years together are now nothing but one big nightmare!

In two more situations I have watched the ultimate, selfish and jackass attitude being displayed. In one of these two there is now separation because of jackass attitudes being flaunted. The kids are bewildered to say the least. Now their Christian home is being dissected with daddy packing it in.

The amount of embarrassment is more than can be understood in these two cases. The life that was good two months ago is now shattered by really stupid actions on one person’s part.

The WagJag deal won’t help these folks at all.

I am not knocking WagJag or A Plus Mediation for this deal. I know that it will help some for sure. It brings A Plus Mediation to the place that people can see it and get involved to get help before they lose everything.

And as some of my friends read this they will shake their heads that I dare place some of the situations into print. They know some of these situations all too well.

But me placing these situations into print and pointing to the really stupid actions of one of the partners… is not the crime. What someone did is the crime against their family!

I am sick at what has taken place.

The unfortunate part is that anyone of our families could witness this. No one knows the abuse that took place behind the scene before one partner simply couldn’t take it anymore. Now one knows the abuse that one of the folk underwent before the abuser left.

So… $120 for three hours should be a start. The second set of three hours will be $300 and will come in blocks of $$$$$$.

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

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