Monday, January 9, 2012

Never Doing Really STUPID things again!

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Today’s Blog Post
Never Doing Really STUPID things again!

There are some things that I will never do. I have seen other people do these things but there is a limit for me. Maybe it is just my age now that prevents me from doing stupid things like some other folk do.

Okay I admit that I have done some pretty dumb things on my lifetime. And most were very dangerous.

Like the time that my friend Harvey had his 1920 something Model T Ford car over to my cousin Gary’s place in Oak Lake, Manitoba. He had chopped off the top of the car to make it into a convertible so that the car would be lighter in weight. With about four of us in the car that night we traveled down that country road in the pitch black night. The only lights that helped us see anything was the dim old lights on that very old car.

With the less weight on the car we were in for a great ride as we scooted along the road faster and faster – until Harvey had it wide open. It was about the moment that Harvey yelled “Hang on tight… here we go..!” that I realized that we had come to the end of the flat part of the road and we were coming up over the crest of a large hill and a drop to the bottom.

There were about three places on the hill where we experienced weightlessness… as we crested small rises in the road. Each time I am sure that the old car left the road for a few inches.

That old car had very little braking power. It also had a weird suspension that was more like the old buggy – so swaying from side to side was very real – almost a whipping action.

And – Duh – seat belts had not yet been invented!

In those few moments we had a thrill of a life time… but were scared skinny.

At the end of the downhill portion of this road it turned right fairly quickly. Harvey couldn’t stop with the brakes being that bad so he ran it off the road, straight ahead into the very tall weeds that were in the ditch… which we flew threw and proceeded out into the field ahead until we slowed to a stop.

That guy was insane. He also ended up serving as a Police Officer for his career.

Danger was part of my life when growing up. There are too many stories to relive here. My daughters also have asked me, actually threatened me, to not to tell their sons what we actually did with the Homemade Bombs and the other nightmarish stuff.

But today I realized that I have changed. I am now scared of my own shadow at times. It must be the aging thing… or maybe the blood and guts that I have seen as I grew older. I definitely have a new appreciation for safety.

A story I read this morning about 22 year old Erin Langworthy brought to mind just how bad I really am now – compared to old days of fearless stupidity.

This Link below will take you to the video that they made of her doing a Bungee jump from a 111 Meter/350 foot high bridge above the Zambezi River in Zambia… near Victoria Falls. It clearly shows that as she goes down the Bungee Cord breaking and her plunging into the river below.

Then she tells her story of what actually happened.

A few years back my oldest daughter did the same thing from a high tower above the Ottawa River. She didn’t tell us about it until she came home and plugged in her new CD for us to see! I nearly died when I saw my careful and brilliant daughter leave that tower and head to the water below.

I will never do bungee jumping – and I mean NEVER! I was stupid before when I was younger. Now things have changed.

The part of the story not told is this is Africa and what is swimming in the Zabezi River beside Erin… something that would love to eat this “gift from the sky”. I have fished from a fair number of bridges in my life time!

I post this today so that all of you older folks like me can worry better about your children doing stupid things. You can fret better over what your garndkids might do. And if they ever talk about Bungee Jumping – you now can say with great confidence – NO YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DO THAT – IT WILL HAPPEN OVER MY DEAD BODY!

The Story of Erin Langworthy

The video of Erin jumping,AAAAAFSL1bg~,CmS1EFtcMWEh-ZOTtXXhmw7rpdnpCYev&bctid=1375369971001

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

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