Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dear Maria and Jennie I cannot come to vacation in Cancun, Mexico – even though the price is right!

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Today’s Blog Post

Dear Maria and Jennie I cannot come to vacation in Cancun, Mexico – even though the price is right!

As Jennie spoke to me on the telephone it was like talking to an old friend. Then she introduced me to another person by the name of Maria who also was very friendly and open with me. Both ladies were calling from Cancun, Mexico.

They were representing a Hotel Vacation spot that is very beautiful. When I checked out their Web Site I could see from the photos the absolutely amazing places they were suggesting for Alida and me to stay in.

The Cancun area is not far from the Mayan ruins which is something that I absolutely would love to see. It is only a short bus ride out away from the Hotel area to see these amazing areas. In fact with just a little travel from the vacation Hotels we could see a lot of that part of Mexico.

The price that was suggested the vacation package is worth is about $3400 for two people. But with the amazing offer that Jennie and Maria were giving us it was going to be only $798 for two people. Airfare was on top of that with West Jet offering flights for about $350 per person with taxes included.

That is a Bargain – BIG TIME!

After the first call Maria and Jennie sent me an email outlining what I had to do to take this amazing offer. Then they called again to see if I had any more questions.

Maria and Jennie you are great gals. I loved speaking with you. Your offer and deals that you have outlined are amazing to say the least.

BUT and yes there is a BIG BUT in all of this.

Even though this is cold January in cold Canada and freezing(at this moment) in Ontario I have a great problem. I have severe allergies and cannot go to Mexico or Cancun. That is not just seasonal but rather all year round.

Here is my list of allergies that are untreatable and very dangerous for me to deal with.

First, I am allergic to lead poisoning. I am also allergic to steel that is very sharp. Third, I am allergic to fire and confined spaces. Fourth – I am very much allergic to being trapped on a Bus or a Taxi that will be stopped by the criminal element and take me hostage.

- Lead Poisoning? – that is a gun shot.
- Steel that is very sharp? – that is sharp blade applied to my throat and then drawn across slowly until my blood from carotid arteries is spilling on the floor.
- Fire and confined spaces? – that is the Molotov cocktail thrown into a confined space that the folk were forced into before they were burned alive in that small room (about three miles away from the big hotels that I could stay in.
- Trapped on a Bus or Taxi? - that would be when they kidnap people of my color and dollar value. They don’t know that I am a poor minister – I look rich staying in fancy hotels!

So this morning early I sent an email to Maria and Jennie thanking for their generous offer – but letting them know that I have too many reasons to not go there.

Cuba is available and almost the same cost… and even though it is a not so nice place to live for the local people… they treat tourists like gold.

And if we save a wee bit more money we can travel to Asia and see our friends in Hong Kong, Korea and Thailand.

Am I exaggerating the dangers? Nope. I don’t think so. In the past four years there has been approximately 28,000 murdered. Check the links below. In one situation the Zetas(a Mexican Mob Group) murdered 72 migrants after they refused to work as assassins for the Zetas!

Migrant workers don’t frequent large resorts usually. But where do they hire the staff at these places anyway? I think that their hiring may well be shaky to say the least. If a Zeta boss is connected to my server at the hotel… I don’t need that. If the chamber maid is connected I know that I won’t sleep real well! Room service in this kind of place is not really something I want without me carrying a BIG GUN too.

Who pays to have that kind of relaxing holiday with their Gun hidden in their bathing suit?

Suddenly the cold winter of Canada and the ice cold weather outside this morning is not all that bad. The Zetas don’t function real well below zero!

So Maria and Jennie, you may not read this, we cannot come to your beautiful area as good as the deal is. I have way too many allergies and death is not something that I want just now!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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