Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thank Goodness for an Election that is here now!

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Today’s Blog Post

Thank Goodness for an Election that is here now!

This is “relief day”!  Wahooo!

From this day on, for maybe 1,395 days following we will have no more negative attack ads from Political parties in Ontario!  Can you believe it!?

A starting of a new Ontario Provincial Government will be in place after today’s election process.

Some old faces will be back in place again together with brand new faces joining them.  Some of the leaders of the last few years have moved on to new roles in the community and others will take their place.

Whatever the final outcome is there will be a new set of Government Leaders at the end of the day.  All the changes will offer new dynamics to the way that our province is run.

More than that, the dynamics of our province will change as well. Now with more people than ever and with more unusual needs than ever… the new leadership will face new challenges.  Hopefully they will do that with new ideas that will be needed… not old ideas that are simply tired.

I do suspect that Old Parties will still be in place and old ideas will try their best to keep things the way that they wish it to remain.

Maybe – just maybe something new will come of it all.

Without a doubt the problems will dictate the effort needed to survive in the world that we now live in.  Another wave of recession could be worse than the first – experts have told us. That alone will be the major issue that our new leaders will face after today.

As part of my community involvement I lead the Ontario Provincial Chaplaincy. In this role I commit myself to praying for my elected leaders.  Some are easy to pray for… others are not so easy to support. But I am committed to do as much as I can.

With this commitment I prepare a Blog almost every day that encourages others to pray as well.  You might like to take a look at this at

Congratulations to the “winners” of today’s voting process. Thank you to the ones that didn’t come in first place. We certainly appreciate what you have contributed to the great dialogue that has taken place over this past month.

And for the folk that did all the work on the attack ads… there may be forgiveness some day.  I certainly very much dislike your work… and I suspect that you are tired of it as well.

Your attack ads did one thing for sure.  They made me even more sure that I would vote for the one that you were attacking!

My hat is off to Andrea Horwath. You didn’t get down and dirty with what you had to say.  And I loved what you said to us all at the end of the TV Debate… about the “two suits” standing beside you… Good one!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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