Thursday, October 20, 2011

Back to School for the Old Guy

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Today’s Blog Post

Back to School for the Old Guy
Back to school today for me… can you believe it?!? At 67 years old I am off with my pack to start my first classes in a computer program that I need to know.

Yep. I have decided that I really need more help with some of the work that I do with my computer. In the Graphic Work that I have been doing I have found one of the Programs that I have is amazing… now I need help to do the work.

Like any student I have searched for the best school and specially the best Instructor that I could find. In this kind of work you are looking for a depth of experience for sure. Likely with years of working experience and also examples of the work the person has created. That is exactly what I have gone through in my process of searching for the best.

And I have found such a person. His name is Joshua. I met him at the Crop Circles store in Peterborough Square. He has been there quietly working at his projects for Helen, the store manager.

I watched him closely as he takes a blank space and in a matter of moments he creates on his screen the most amazing images. One click here and another there… slide over this area… shift this and move that… click again and WOW! The image literally came to life.

This guy is good – very good and if I can pick up just a few hints of how to do this work… I can then launch a new aspect to Misty Hollow moving from a limited ability to an unbelievable possibility.

As I have watched what he does… I wish so much that I was 20 years younger… that way I would have another 20 years to do more of this work. But I can make the next few years the BEST YET… with a click here and slide over there… and another click…

And fun part of this is Joshua’s ability was developed in a mere few years. He graduated High School last season.

I am looking forward to this class today… and tomorrow and then in the future.

My old heart is again beating fast as I head out to school in a short while. Oh Boy! Talk about Déjà vu!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

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