Friday, October 21, 2011

I have resolved I will age – yes… but I do not need to get old!

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Today’s Blog Post

I have resolved I will age – yes… but I do not need to get old!
Beginning to work with a new computer program and new equipment/tools has been a great adventure for sure. I reported that yesterday. What an exciting time… all over again.

A few years ago I heard of the “Senior Hosteling” program. I looked to see if it was written about on the Internet anywhere. I haven’t found it so far – at least by that name.

The idea was so simple. Seniors loved to travel and they love to learn new things. In the program at that time folk would book a place in a tour that would take them to a new city, book them into a University or College Residence, and into a class being held at that school.

The classes varied in content and subject matter. Like as not, it would be something to do with the city or region that they were visiting. For example one course had the group situated in a college in Arizona where a course was given on the Aboriginal People of that area… plus the handcrafts and artifacts. Classes were also available for Seniors that wanted to try to make some of the handcrafts as well.

It was a great idea. At the time I was impressed with what I saw. I couldn’t wait to get to be a senior at which time I would have more time to do just as they were doing.

Program or not, there is nothing stopping us from taking part in what is happening around us where we are. I think we begin to get old when we no longer are interested in something new.

Yesterday I found again that feeling when I picked up something new and tried something unusual. It was good to go to bed with new thoughts and new things challenging my thinking. As I closed my eyes I was thinking of how I would solve the new problem that was in front of me tomorrow. I was also happier than a little kid when I thought back to what I had accomplished so far.

That deep stirring inside from something new is very special. I never want to lose that sense of awe!

My Dad used to remind my brother and myself, “Don’t be afraid to learn something new!”

But you know we all can have that all the time… if we look for it. If we take that next step to go further… just a little closer to the edge we can feel that stirring.

I went to visit a senior in the hospital yesterday. She was sitting in front of TV screen watching intently. On the TV was the Weather Channel with its constant reporting of weather. She told me that was all that was ever on this TV. That is all the staff offer the Seniors on that floor. Yikes!

Couldn’t they at least put on a Discovery Channel with something new to look at each hour?

I don’t mind the weather channel if I need to know what is happening outside… but when I am in my hospital gown and waiting to get better… nothing could be worse that slow moving weather reporting…!!! Becoming “Brain Dead” is the result for sure.

I have resolved I will age – yes… but I do not need to get old! There I said it out loud!!! My friends can now watch me closely as the aging happens. And when I start getting OLD they can remind me – over and over again… “You said you do not need to get old Murray!”

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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