Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Courageous is a Movie to see - NOW

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Today’s Blog Post

Courageous is a Movie to see - NOW
“Courageous” – WOW! What a movie!

As I scanned the Movie Guide on the Internet I found that the Movie was rated 2 our of 6 by the “experts”.

Go figure – too much God Stuff for whacko guys that love the “F Bomb” language of normal movies. I mean without the “F Bombs” you can’t be real. Right? Wrong.

Why was the movie great for me?

Well sitting behind me in the Movie Theater were two guys that had come out of Federal Prison that past while. I know both of them because of the volunteer work that I do with the CAC (Part or CSC – our Prison system in Canada).

Both guys had no dad when they grew up and both are testaments to what “Courageous” is all about.

There was no one that was Resolved to do what is right Around them when they grew up. No Dad. Oh there was a guy that got their mom pregnant but no Dad to love them and show them what should be happening.

Yep – “Courageous” is very good. Go see it – now… or later buy the Video – which will likely be ready for Christmas!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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