Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Need for Respite Care – and finding it in Frankenmuth, Michigan

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Today’s Blog Post

The Need for Respite Care – and finding it in Frankenmuth, Michigan

For the last two days we have been experiencing the gracious hosting of the people of Michigan… and in particular the people of Bridgeport and Frankenmuth. These folks are just plain fun to be with.

It has been an escape from our lives in Peterborough, Ontario. Just getting away to do something different and experience something new has been a breath of fresh air.

So why come here?

Well for one thing there is Bronners Christmas Store. There is no store quite like it. It is equivalent to the areas of one and a half football field’s space. And every single foot of Bronners is full of Christmas things.

I am married to a lady that loves Christmas! Plain and simple – Christmas is a big deal in our home… and yesterday we bought almost our limit of Christmas stuff. We would bring home the full sized Camels and the life sized Nativity Characters… but the van is too small!

But then there are the amazing stores of Frankenmuth that also draws shoppers like us. There were lots of people our age walking from shop to shop, enjoying the delights of this small Bavarian style community.

We are here with our “39 The Second Time” Group… people about our age that are aging gracefully but not old. Old cannot make a go of this many new things. Old has to be catered to for almost all that happens around them. Old moves too slowly and tires out too fast to keep up to the “39 TTST” folk.

The “39 TTST” folk that hang out with us and escape like this from time to time all have something in common… we have old people in our lives. Nothing wrong with these old people… but they are old and require more help. These old people are our parents that are in our lives for care giving. Some of the old people live on their own, some are in senior’s homes and some live with the “39 TTST” folk.

There is a unique need in our communities. The need is for the care givers to have care and get away. Some call it respite care. I never thought much about it in the past… until I needed it myself.

I love my mom and my mom loves me… but we need time away from each other.

So this weekend has been the most wonderful time away. We have been blessed.

With the other three couples that traveled her with us… we have loved and joked and carried on like were still young… and it has been good.

A special BIG Thanks to our daughter and her family that has taken on an extra load for the weekend. I will remember he in my will… and God willing not be a burden to her when I hit 80+. Thank Dana!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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