Sunday, October 2, 2011

“DO IT NOW – before it is TOO LATE!”

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Today’s Blog Post

“DO IT NOW – before it is TOO LATE!”
After completing a a MKV (Many Kilometer Vacation) it is time to sit a think… long and hard about my future.

Alida and I accompanied Sharon, my cousin, to many places in Ontario this past two weeks. We were in Peterborough, Buckhorn, Bobcaygeon, Cobourg, Grafton, Colbourne, Toronto, Oakville, Cambridge, Hamilton, St. Catherines, Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake, Hastings, Warkworth, Trenton, Brockville, Ottawa, and Kingston, Ontario.

Sharon had not been to Ontario before. She is knowledgeable traveler who has been many places. She loves going on a cruise. When she left us in Kingston at the train station she was headed to Montreal where she boarded a cruise ship bound for Boston, Massachusetts.

This was her first major time away from her two kids and her grandkids. All the travel before was done we with her husband Ron. But in April 2010, Ron passed away a week after the horrendous car accident that the two of them were in. A head on collision from an on-coming vehicle that crossed the center line hitting a van first and then their car.

On our MKV Sharon kindly shared her life story from our early days together about 50+ years ago – to now. Alida and I shared our thousands of stories as well. On every step of the MKV we caught up with life.

Alida summed it up best. “Sharon is like a real sister to me… I can’t believe how close we are in so many ways!”

That is really an amazing statement in that Sharon and Alida had only met one time before this trip together.

I listened to the heart ache that she shared… and at times I cried with her as I drove. We laughed until all three of us nearly lost our breath.

It may have been the best time ever for all of us… and it was the right time for all of us.

Listening to Ron and Sharon’s story… and knowing what I do now… I can never live the same again. Alida and I have to live now… not later when things change from the way they are to the way it might be some day. Life is way too short.

There are a million things that Ron had planned to do. But in 2010 that was all over in one blinding smash up.

Believe me I thought of that on our MKV this past two weeks… a gazillion times over.

My commitment from this day on is to get it done NOW… tomorrow is TOO LATE.

So that is part of my reason for some spasmodic posting to this Blog… and may be my reason in the future as well.

Gotta run… now! It is time for the APPLEFEST at Lang Pioneer Village. My Spring Pole Lathe is coming along with some wood carvings and lots of talk. I need to do this NOW before it is TOO LATE.

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

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