Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Miracle of Completing the New Garden Shed

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Today’s Blog Post

The Miracle of Completing the New Garden Shed

I know now that I am older and also a lot wiser. Yesterday I proved that along with help of three of my grandsons, Clifford, Jonathan and Thomas. I learned that their young muscles were much better than my old ones. I learned that their agility and ability to stretch, climb ladders and with their height – they reached places that I can only look up at!

So what happened you ask?

Yesterday we assembled a “Life Long Garden Shed” in our backyard! All in a 6 hour period of time! But the remarkable thing wasn’t fact that we got the shed up – but rather that the Teenage Grandsons of mine never stopped. They worked like true full grown men. In fact few men I know would be able to do anything like these teens did – for that long – non stop!

The old shed that stood for about 25 years in our backyard was in terrible shape. Each winter it was sitting in about six inches of water and would slowly dry over the months into spring and summer. Each rain storm left it wet inside.

When I removed the shed in late August, the floor was rotting… and almost completely gone when I took it up. What a smell!

It was going to cost more than $350 to repair it – so for our Anniversary this year I invested in a new Garden Shed from Costco. Only $949 was a bargain.

More than that… this should be a snap. Tear down the old shed and get rid of it… build a better base… which would sit on a new gravel bed. Piece of cake! Right!?


After the first week of taking down the shed and the second one to remove it I realized this wasn’t going as fast as I planned!

Along came a dozen other things that needed to be done – or was that two dozen things. Things like the front tree had to be pruned. The arborist came the day after the shed went to the garbage dump. So we had to remove the tree parts before bringing in the 3 yards of gravel for the shed’s new base – 3 yards of heavy gravel is about three tons of material to move by wheel barrow one step at a time!

After a few weeks vacation and traveling around Ontario… and the job wasn’t done. Add a few days of rain storms and wind blowing and all round not so good weather… and the job wasn’t done starting month of October! Oh Boy!

The Long Weekend in October is a wonderful Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend – to finally get caught up! And when I found out that we were to have our Grandsons to stay with us this weekend… I had a Labour Force par none!

Teenagers love to work and also to goof around! Water guns on a hot day… water fights… and laughter all mix together to keep them there… and sometimes driving grandpa nuts! But it was fun beyond words watching my heirs be themselves and have so much fun doing work with me.

They love working and doing stuff.

I can’t tell them enough – how much I appreciate them. They are a joy to have close to Grandpa!

To finish this shed I had to keep reading the instructions and at the pace they were going I barely kept ahead of them. These guys are fast – very fast!

I offer these photos to the Blog today to let you see what happened.

Thanks to Clifford, Jonathan and Thomas… the work is done! You guys ROCK!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

 At Costco - it looks so easy!!

 Preparing the base with help from my Neighbor Stuart

The Hole that the Ground Hog left behind - before we moved him to Costco

Do you have any idea how heavy 3 yards of Stone is?
Alida and my Cousin Sharon Davis unloading the stones

Enter the Grandson Crew! Wow - can they work!

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