Friday, October 14, 2011

Beginning my Tatted Christmas Tree – getting ready for the “City Sidewalks” Celebration

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Beginning my Tatted Christmas Tree – getting ready for the “City Sidewalks” Celebration

As I sat in the Peterborough Square Mall at my demonstration table last Wednesday, it was the beginning of my Christmas Push. I am beginning my next “Tatting Decorated Christmas Tree” for this year’s celebration downtown.

The “City Sidewalks” will take place from November 23 to 27, 2011. For the last years it has been entitled the “Festival of Trees” and always held in the Memorial Centre of Peterborough, our big hockey rink. It is now being transitioned to the downtown core and has been given a new name.

There have been a number of reasons given for the change, but the most evident one that I can attest to is the basic fact that the Volunteers needed to do it the “old way” are many… and they need to be younger than the ones that put all that work into setting up the Memorial Centre in the past. And that younger crowd is not there now. We as volunteers, are all older now and not quite a brisk as we used to be. Plain and simple the old way is not that good any more. Having a large group of Senior Citizens unload the 12 Semi-Trailers that stored the things was less and less appealing for the old guys like me.

Nope I never helped with that part. I don’t lift well anymore. I just watched other like me grunt and groan a lot. I sympathized with them.

Further, I have been told by organizers that the attendance had been dropping at the old venue as well. A lot of work was being done for fewer and fewer people attending. I don’t doubt that it happened as more and more faithful patrons simply couldn’t get out anymore. Age in Peterborough has affected many things besides church attendance.

This year it will all be happening in the City Core and featuring many different city businesses. As well there is to be a skating rink covering a whole city block – artificial ice I believe. That is definitely “younger thinking”!

For my small part I will make about 200 small lace pieces for a 4 Foot Tree. Others will join me in making some of these.

The Tree will be sponsored by the Crop Circles store in the lower level of the Peterborough Square.  Helen and Ted, owners of this business, are the great people that sponsor my Tatting and Wood Carving demonstrations each week. They are very excited about this happening!

BTW – Crop Circles is also a great place for Scrap Booking supplies, Knitting, Crochet and Tatting supplies, as well a great selection Art supplies of all kind. They have just recently added a full line of Custom Framing to their inventory… and one amazing machine – a gigantic HP Printer that will do blow ups of your Photos and your drawings/paintings.

The Link for the Crop Circles Web Page is
Please note that “Misty Hollow” is part of this Web Page with my Graphic Images appearing now.. soon there will be much more! The images are great for making Greeting Cards and also adorning Scrap Booking pages. (As of today there are only a few – but a whole new selection will be available in just a few days!!! Am I ever Excited!)
(Photo of last Years' Tree)
That is the setting for my new Christmas Tree. It will be raffled off as part of the fund raising effort for Health Care organizations our community. The “City Sidewalk” (Festival of Trees) has supported well over these past years with over $200,000 funds raised each year. Hopefully my little tree will be a big part of this effort to go over the top.

There is some humour in bringing out a Christmas Tree on October 12th.

One man walking by shook his head and said… “Can’t you wait until a day after Halloween!? Seeing that tree makes me shudder! I am not ready for Christmas now!” He of course was being funny as he acted out in a comical way.

A number of folk stopped to talk. Many were shocked to think that Christmas is just around the corner. One lady stated a shocking fact, “I haven’t paid for all of last year’s Christmas yet!!!”

Being in the Mall on Wednesday is simply fantastic. I caught the Christmas bug again. I am tatting steadily now. I have about 40 days to do 200 pieces. Hmmm that is 5 pieces a day. Oh boy… better get running. I have some work to do now!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

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