Saturday, September 24, 2011


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Today’s Blog Post

When the phone rang this morning at 5:12 AM I jumped out of bed to take the call. It was Filiberto calling me from Orem, Utah. Naturally I thought the worst at that time of the morning. Had something terrible happened? Maybe there had been in a car accident or something! Oh no… it is dark outside and I can’t find a piece of paper to write down the info that I will need to call him back again!

My heart was racing by the time I had the telephone receiver in my hand and pushed the “Talk” button.

Worse yet there was a dead silence on the other end… then a long pause and the line was disconnected. Filiberto was gone. Gasp! He may be in very great difficulty and was calling from a very dangerous place. Maybe he was under attack from gangster/mob types?

Now I know that Filiberto is only 38 years old and that he also frequents Orem, UT, Provo, UT, Albuquerque, NM.

Within minutes I did find out that Filiberto’s relatives might be available. I could contact them. There is Aramfili Ledezma Ledezma, Daniela De Ledezma, Filiberto M Ledezma, Keli Dyan Ledezma, Magdalena Mara Ledezma.

It’s not that I don’t care about Filiberto S Ledezma. But his 3:12 AM was my 5:12 AM – I was still asleep and he was roaring around Orem.

I could find out if Filiberto has a criminal record as well – for only $39.95

Wait a cotton pickin minute! It is 5:30 AM and I don’t know Filiberto or any one else by any name in Orem, Utah!

What the dickens is 801-426-5342 calling me for at that time of the day???!!??

I have good mind to call him back and give him a piece of my mind – about 7:12 AM our time to get the dude out of bed at his 5:12 AM!

I am sorry if I sound a little crotchety today. I am suffering from Phone-call-itis. The election is not far away and the newest thing that I am getting is the people that are canvassing and doing polls on behalf of Newspapers, National Polling services – etc. Everyone wants me to vote – or know how I will vote – before I vote.

Wait a minute… If they call my number… and ask me questions like they are… they will know that my name is Murray Lincoln, that I am 67 years old and what the possible names of my relatives are… just the way that I know about Filiberto!

I used the 411 service on the Internet and it referred me to .

It is now 6:27 AM. I am wide awake and suffering deeply from the Phone Call – or at least the phone ringing so early.

Is Big Brother watching me?

I am going back to bed!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

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Anonymous said...

I googled this phone number and your website came up. I also got a call at 5:04am this morning. I live in Ontario, Canada. Clearly this is a automated dialer, but it should NOT be calling at this time of day! I tried calling it back, but just got a busy signal.