Thursday, September 1, 2011

I am not stupid, maybe old, but not stupid!

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Today’s Blog Post

I am not stupid, maybe old, but not stupid!
“I know I am old. I know that some of my questions sound old. But look at me you young duffer… I am not stupid. You look at me as if I am dumb. I am not. I was just born a long time ago – way before you parents even conceived you… or for that matter even met each other. I am older than you! That’s all- just older!”

That diatribe was there inside of me as I stood facing the young whippersnapper in front of me at the computer store. I had asked what I thought was a question that I needed answered And that I had no idea what to do next.

Now originally I was a “computer guy” too. I fixed these things. I fact I built these things and was the wise guy about all things in the computer world. In fact I was the one that they called to get help when the silly things broke down.

Now I should explain that I just bought another computer. The other one was about five years old now and was starting to act up. And in terms of all things computer… it is now getting old too. It can’t process some things as fast as it could before and sometimes locks up tight. Something like my body and mind does now.

Now I need you to know that the new computer does not come with new program disks… or the normal CDs that were always stuck in the box. You need these in case the machine goes belly up – or takes a serious fit after a stroke in the computer brain takes place.

But some where smart young duffers decided that the new disks and program CDs are no longer necessary… because they load the computer hard drive with the same programs that you need. They are tucked away inside the hard drive. A perfectly logical thing to do in their small minds. If it is on the hard drive – you don’t need any more disks or CDs – that is a waste!

DUH! What happens if your computer craps out… and everything you need to recover and get your machine back up and running – is on the hard drive?

The young buck had just kind of rolled his eyes at my question and then said… “I don’t understand your question. What are you asking me?”

I tried again. “I bought a new laptop computer. It doesn’t have any disks with it nor CDs. How do I make a copy?”

“You don’t need a copy there are on your hard drive.” He replied with a puzzled look on his face.

“What happens if your hard drive dies?” I asked the youngster.

“Oh you mean you want to make a “recovery disk!!!”” The amazed and even stunned bunny said in reply.

Duh! Now I was getting through his thick skull!!

“You go to Start, All Programs, then scroll down to Recovery Manager… and then to Recovery Media Creation… and then away you go.” he chirped…

“You will need four DVD disks or a 16 GB USB stick… or a 32 GB just in case that isn’t big enough.” he quickly piped up again.

I think I got it. But then was that all that I needed? Sheesh – too darn fast for my ears to hear!!!

If I could some how reach out… touch the shoulder of the young, stupid thing when he is so very smart… and then POOF make him about 45 years older… and ask him what he knows now… I WOULD DO IT in heart beat!

There is nothing wrong with my thinking. There is nothing wrong with my knowledge. It may not contain all the stuff that his little mind has in it. I have a bigger brain but just a wee bit s-l-o-w-e-r. That’s all.

Now this new machine is something else. It requires me to swipe my finger over a light scanner in order to open a program or start the thing up. For security reasons, it stated.

DUH – in fact DOUBLE DUH for this one!!! What happens when the machine breaks down… will they cut off my finger when they repair my machine… or will I have to be there to start it up – maybe sleep all night beside my machine!!!?

But as I have been typing this article I am having a dickens of a time finding the punctuation and speciality symbols on the key board. The one key beside the “M” has five symbols on it and I can’t find how to turn off four of them – none are what I want….!

Not stupid – maybe old.

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

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