Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If you use it, it may well stop working for you

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Today’s Blog Post

If you use it, it may well stop working for you
Hokey Mokey! I think I will die later today. I thought when I woke up this AM that I was dead… but the pain in my body confirmed that I was still alive.


Well yesterday I tried to act like a 20 year old again. Dumb thing to do for sure!

My wife and I picked up two yards of “clearstone” – a white/gray coloured stone. We first went to a Garden Centre with a half ton truck and had them load one yard of material. Oh boy! It weighed about one ton.

We unloaded that one shovel at a time and with the borrowed wheel barrow it was all taken to our back yard – one load at a time. Alida pushed it off the truck and I wheeled the stuff down the side of the garage, around the corner, across the lawn to the far back side.

Then we brought home a second full load. That made about 4000 pounds in total.

Today my muscles are screaming, “You IDIOT! We are all 67 years old! We are not 20 years old the way we used to be. S-I-X-T-Y S-E-V-E-N! Today you will do what we want to do – N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!!”

I heard them early and now will obey.

(One the side… The “clearstone” is to prepare a proper pad for our new garden shed… my Anniversary Gift for wife.)

Some one said the famous quote, “You use it, or you lose it!”

No one told me that if you use it, it may well stop working for you, seize up, dry up, fall off, or maybe have to be replaced! This is specially true when you are older! And today I honestly admit that I am older.

Now some how I don’t believe the age thing. I am as young as I feel. That is what someone told me. But whoa! I feel very old today – because of yesterday… but really I feel good. I am crazy!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

1 comment:

Brenda said...

That's quite the Anniversary Gift, Murray!! Just think how proud you'll be when the new shed is set up & operating.
BTW: the muscles probably won't feel much better tomorrow either!! Take it easy.