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The Gift of Being a Grandparent

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Today’s Blog Post
The Gift of Being a Grandparent
“I can’t do the things that you do!” my friend said. “I am too old for that kind of thing! I was never given your talent and ability.”

To feel that way is kind of a bummer for sure.

I have an answer for my friend’s dilemma!

There is hope for guys like my friend. He is Grandparent! And Grandparents can do just about anything. And just about anything that they do is GREAT in the eyes of their grandkids. All they have to do is love grandkids – and be a little bit more fun to be with.

I proved that to be so in the show of last weekend at the Kinmount Fair, September 2-4, 2011. What an amazing place to have it happen!

All you need to do is “Play the Spoons”! That’s right just two spoons will make you the hero of the day!

At the Fair…
The kids came by Misty Hollow Carvings’ booth with their parents or grandparents, wandering through the Pioneer Exhibits. The Old Stuff was on display, which included the Old Folks like me.

I was demonstrating the Spring Pole Lathe in my small booth. Along with my carvings and the other things that Misty Hollow Carving produces at this time.

The Grandpas were very interested in the Lathe and what it was able to do. The kids were following Grandpa… or Dad and Mom.

As they came by I asked the kids if they liked music, or maybe dancing.

Almost all of the 4 year olds up to the 10 year olds nodded “yes” – and at that point I knew I had connected.

I came around to the front of the Lathe and pushed the “Play” button on the small CD player… and the fiddle music began at a lively pace. Next I pulled out the sets of Spoons and gave one to each child to try. Sometimes I had one willing student/participant or sometimes more… in fact up to five at one point.

(Note: The Spoon Sets that I prepared are connected together to make it easier for small hands. Instructions and photos below.)

I asked the kids to do the same thing as I was doing. Everyone of them knew how to do follow the leader.

Within seconds they had the idea and were playing along with me.

Clickity, Clickity, Click, Click, Clack. Then Clackity, Clackity, Click, Click, Click. The sounds came in time with the sound of the lively jigs and reels streaming from the small player.

By hitting the set of two table spoons together on your knee and then on your hand above your knee… the sounds leaped into action. And young, bright eyes beamed with appreciation. They were immediately on the centre stage of a concert hall – somewhere in the big world out there!

Each time we played the Spoons and the kids participated with me, a crowd gathered around us. Toes were tapping and some even began to dance with the sounds that they were listening to!

The Old Days had come alive for every kid coming by the booth. A number of them came by to play the Spoons again and again.

It was later in the afternoon that something comical happened that convinced me that I had a hit with the music and the spoons. Teenagers had heard about the Grandpa in the Pioneer Exhibit area that let you play music along with him. They came by to ask if they could do the same thing their little brother or sister had tried.

Then I had other Grandparents bringing their adult Children with their children to try it out as well! Whole family groups joined in.

A University of Toronto Prof then asked if he could try as well. A big grin came across his face as he kept time with me and the music.

As a sideline to all that happened in front of the Lathe and out front of our Booth… many people came into to view the Misty Hollow Carvings – and ask how to order them. Many, many people took cards.

And as I write this piece five to six days later, the email orders are coming for things that I will be producing over the next months and maybe longer.

Now back to my “untalented friend” who thinks be can do nothing.

He is a Grandparent and he has Spoons. He taps his toes to music and he loves his Grandkids. What more does he need to know or do? Nothing – absolutely nothing.

You have the Gift… you are a Grandparent! Now just do something!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

Instructions – “How to make a set of Spoons”

1.) Obtain two old Table Spoons that you can continue to use for this project. I bought my Table Spoons at the Dollar Store locally.
2.) Next – bend the spoon handles until they are a flat or straight. This makes the round part of the Spoon straight with the handle.
3.) Cut a small piece of wood about the size and thickness of an old clothes peg. Place this between the Spoons and hold it there by wrapping a rubber band around the two Spoons.

Note: In the old days, without rubber bands, Grandpa would hold the two spoons between his two fingers on one hand. But small finger and small hands can’t do this easily… and the edge of the new Spoons will possibly cut into fingers.

Also - Playing or Working the "Dancing Dan" - along with the Spoons

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