Thursday, September 15, 2011

Help – My New Computer is typing out French Characters – It is Demon Possessed!

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Today’s Blog Post

Help – My New Computer is typing out French Characters – It is Demon Possessed!
New Computer – New Problems! Grrrr!

Every changeover I have had in the past years always brings new problems. This is especially true when working with my Computers. Maybe I can’t make a rule out of it – but it sure seems that way.

Computer Geeks are forming new companies that make it possible to be mobile. They come to your home when you your machine gets stuck… or I should say you get stuck. On site they will work with you to help you make the machine do what it should.

In actual fact the machine is often working well. There is no problem at all. Many times it is the operator… ME.

Well my new machine had developed a very odd problem. For a while, because I am a retired Minister, I figured that the Computer is or was “Demon Possessed”!!!

Suddenly for no apparent reason the keyboard stopped doing what it should – or at least what I wanted it to do. It began to not allow me to put Quotation Marks around something I was writing… that some one had said. The Question Mark disappeared and I couldn’t find it at all. Each time I typed the Quotation Mark or Question Mark the odd characters used in writing French would come up. The Quotation Mark would become - `. A small accent for egrave!

The Question Mark would become – É. “It was very frustrating to say the least”. Then all kinds of letters would start acting weird.

This happened at times in the middle of what I was writing. In fact it happened right in the middle of sentence. The Quotation Mark was there one minute and then not the next. And nothing I would do could bring it back.

If I rebooted the machine it seemed to go away – only to return in the middle of the next paragraph.

I was not just a little frustrated!!!!!

I hate to admit this – it was me that caused the problem!!! Mobile Computer Geeks would love guys like me. They travel all the way out to where you live to tell you that you are doing something stupid. Then they can charge you $$$$$.

New Computer = New Keyboard. Tada! And sloppy typing lets you hit the Control (CTRL) along with the Shift Key doing a toggle out to the new way to type new characters. Pressing the combination of “CRTL + Shift” again – maybe two times even, would set the computer back to the Normal Mode that I know well.

A simple new keyboard layout with the ability to help you write new words in other languages was all the problem! Hokey Mokey!

Not Demon Possessed at all. Just plain old dumb computer operator and a sloppy typist on a new keyboard!

^;%$#*;^$#^)*;^%$#@!$ and ÉÉÉÉéééééé;`;,ékAU ????????~~!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU murray!! you saved my sanity today.