Friday, September 23, 2011

The Movie “Higher Ground” – I can’t wait

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Today’s Blog Post
The Movie “Higher Ground” – I can’t wait

The following comments came in the Globe and Mail Newspaper's web review of the new movie "Higher Ground"
Darren X2
4:36 AM on September 23, 2011
“A "crisis of faith" is just a religious person's long-suppressed common sense rising up to point out the fact which would be completely obvious and readily apparent if it weren't for childhood religious indoctrination.”

Cut The Crap
12:41 AM on September 23, 2011
"the typical portrayal of Christian fundamentalists tends to err at the extremes"

Fundamentalism IS an extreme. Shheeezzz. Don't pretend to enlighten the reader .

Furthermore, ... Why am I not surprised that the movie portrays: a dull dreary conventional hubby (male, obviously), an equally dull male preacher/therapist, a dull Christian fundamentalist "patriarchal" back-drop, .... with a female hero and her female muse.

Is there any other formula today? Am I supposed to accept this as inventive?”

maesol hortikultur
3:02 AM on September 23, 2011
“I despite it when movie reviewers give away the entire story arc in their reviews. That's not a true review, just a way to fill the paper and ruin it for the readers.”

preheated KD

2:11 AM on September 23, 2011
“There's only one god. Accept Jesus and your life will be blessed.

Enough with this liberal media bias and antichristian sediment.”

(Please note: spelling and grammar mistakes are not mine - ML)

The above are comments that have been posted below a Globe and Mail Newspaper review of a new movie entitled “Higher Ground”.

One Synopsis reads – quote…
“Pregnant, married, and awkward at eighteen years old, Carolyn Briggs grows more and more interested in Jesus, eventually giving herself over to a radical New Testament church. Amidst her community of self-described "Jesus Freaks," Carolyn's daily life consists of hours of Bible study, alternative family practices and bracing for the oncoming Rapture. It's only when her marriage begins to unravel that Carolyn dares to question the religious dogma she has embraced for her entire adult life.” End quote

Another one line description states… “she has faith but she also has serious doubts..”

Now after watching the trailer that shows snap shots of the movie to perk my interest… I am wondering how this will go down in the Churches that I know… and know only too well.

It appears to be much like the people that I know in the churches that I have worked with as a Minister. The story line I could have written… way too much like real life!

But if I had written the story line I might well have been in court with a law suit against me.

Believe me in real life I have witnessed my fair share of “nut case Christianity”. And in these cases there has always been a strange twist to what the person has chosen to do. But does this movie tell a “nut case” story… or is it real?

We were taught in our Christian life to not talk about people that have struggles, are a little off, or that have sinned in different ways. We might whisper about it to each other – but never talk out loud.

But now a movie comes along and exposes the facts of a woman’s life showing her struggles and her own personal battle.

Now my “good Christian friends” will condemn it as Hollywood’s attack on our faith again.
I am not so sure about that. It is pretty real. And whoever was involved in researching this one has talked to some people in the know.

Maybe one of ministerial friends that couldn’t make much money on the Minister’s Role has been moonlighting and telling what he or she sees – all too often.

The movie appears to be coming out soon in many areas of the USA. But there is no word about it coming to Canada – from what I can find.

If the Religious Right has their way I am guessing that it will not show here for a while, until the reviews from the USA are showing some signs of applause – or whatever.

The question is, “Is it possible for real life (the kind the movie apparently shows) to be exciting enough to be a hit?”

I would love to see how the church attendance in our city, a specifically at our Pentecostal Churches, increases or decreases after the showing.

I can’t wait for this one.

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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