Monday, September 12, 2011

The Days, Weeks, Months and now Ten Years after 9-11

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Today’s Blog Post
The Days, Weeks, Months and now Ten Years after 9-11
On September 11, 2001 I was sitting in my Doctor’s Office. He had just given me my last shot in preparation for my trip to Irian Jaya, on the eastern end of Indonesia. I was to be in this country for one month starting at the end of September until October 2011.

My cell phone rang. It was my daughter Anda. She was at home and had been watching the TV. The News Show was showing the fire coming from one of the Twin Towers in the New York City. As she called me she was frightened and needed to talk to her dad. Just at that moment the second plane went into the next tower.

Seeing at that moment only what Anda saw… I was confused. I talked to my Doctor further about my trip to the largest Islamic country in the world… and what I thought we might be doing.

That Tuesday morning we then watched over and over again the horror of what was happening live in New York. The Twin Towers both collapsed. Thousands died in the Towers and on the ground below. They collapsed over and over again… after the airplane flew through the building over and over again!

Just after lunch that day the Royal Gardens (a Senior’s Home) activities director called me to ask if I would come to conduct a Chapel Service for them. The Seniors that live in the residence had been watching TV since the first impact and many were in total shock… as the world was about to end… and they needed to pray.

That afternoon Staff and Residence joined me to say a prayer for the tragic events that had taken place.

Toward the end of the month I was standing in Irian Jaya still with the shock of what had happened in New York still in my mind. Frightened by the possible air traffic problems that could still happen and that might leave me stranded in the south eastern country a million miles from my home.

It was then that the full impact of what had taken place on 9-11 hit me. No one in Indonesia knew what had happened on that terrible day. Their News Media was not allowed to report it in their country.

As I walked through one market a man was doing some wood burning art work. I also do wood burning and was interested in what he did and wanted to watch.

He looked at me in broken English said, “Osama is Number One!”

He was the first one to let me know that he respected Osama bin Laden for what he had accomplished with the killing of so many hated Americans and Canadians.

He offered me a Key Fob with bin Laden’s image on it… for about 25 Cents. I bought three.

That was a long time ago… ten fateful years of living in fear because of hatred for the Western World by a relatively small group of terrorists.

Since that time a War on Iraq and its hidden weapons of mass destruction was declared, an invasion took place with many, many people dieing… one of which was Saddam Hussein. He eventually was found hiding in a hole and then hanged. No weapons of mass destruction were ever found… and I doubt that there ever were weapons of this kind.

Meanwhile Osama bin Laden remained Number One and in a completely different country hiding.

The USA and the rest of us invaded Afghanistan looking for this bin Laden guy. They never found him there… but rather in Pakistan… May 2, 2011. They shot him to death and then buried his body at sea.

Since 9-11 nothing has been the same again. Although bin Laden is dead… I think he still won his war. Our world has never been the same again after his Master Minding the attacks of 9-11.

We have all spent Billions and lost many loved ones as a result of what bin Laden planned that day. Our lives will never return to a normal pre 9-11 time – when we trusted everyone… everywhere.

I doubt that we will ever trust again… all because Osama bin Laden is Number One… and some people believed in him.

I seriously wonder how George Bush sleeps well at night. Knowing that more than 100,000 died in Iraq with that invasion and a scattered hunt for weapons that never existed. I wonder also how any US Leadership sleep with what has been done in Afghanistan. Many, many more have been slaughtered and many of our guys have fallen… for what?

They executed Saddam Hussein for crimes against humanity. Wikipedia sources stated … quote… “On 5 November 2006, he was convicted of charges related to the 1982 killing of 148 Iraqi Shi'ites and was sentenced to death by hanging. The execution of Saddam Hussein was carried out on 30 December 2006.” But they will never touch one of our leaders for allowing thousands upon thousands to be killed… in the name of FREEDOM!

Ten years later I can see how the Mid Eastern People might think that some of the leaders in the West have committed crimes against humanity as well.

I am Canadian and I am into passivism. I hate killing.

I am thankful that our Government has pulled our troops out of Afghanistan. Losing so many of our guys and gals doesn’t make sense to build schools and make sure that girls can study. (Now people will hate me for being against girls and their education!)

But that wasn’t what the war or invasion was about. We were sucked into that one – BIG TIME. They wanted to kill Osama bin Laden… and they did finally. But the cost to do so have been more than any of us can afford.

After listening to all the reports, watching all the videos of the Twin Towers going down, seeing the events of yesterday in New York… I am in a post News Media attack recovery mode.

I was dealing with 9-11 in my own way and moving on. Now the Media stuff of yesterday has left me groaning again.

I only feel that way about the Second World War and maybe the First… on November 11th each year. Now I am reeling with this new News Media circus of yesterday.

Now stopping to think… if 9-11 attack had taken place and no cameras had caught it… no News Media had broadcast it… no frenzy had been created… would our World Leaders done what they did? Would so many people have died in the years following?

Today I am in a 9-11 Funk. If they stop reporting it, running it over and over again… maybe I will recover. Maybe?

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 
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