Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Alida Lincoln – From all your Family with Love

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Today’s Blog Post
Happy Birthday Alida Lincoln – From all your Family with Love
Karen Alida Jones was born on September 26, 1946.

On September 9, 1967 she became Karen Alida Lincoln when she married me. Wahoo!

On September 18, 2011 we celebrated her BIG Birthday. On this occasion, one week before the official day, all her grandkids and her kids joined together to celebrate over some amazing Chinese Food. What a party it was.

Many of her relatives and many, many friends couldn’t be there yesterday… so I offer my Blog Posting to my wonderful wife Alida. Happy Birthday Alida – you are the LOVE of MY LIFE… and today you are really 25 all over again!

BTW – some photos of the grandkids may appear to be repeats. They are full of it… and when they get together they just have way to much fun. SO here are all the photos.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

The Photo Gallery for you to enjoy

After Grandma Alida Lincoln opened her cards - everyone else received a gift from her...

 Thomas, Michael, Clifford, Grandma Alida Lincoln, Christopher Jonathan and Emma

 Juneau                                                        Lina

 Bill and Anda Rourke
 Dana and Bruce Lindsay
 Mrs. Jung and her son Pastor Seung Jung ("Bob")

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