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Today’s Blog Post

Something inside of me tells me that “YOU ARE NOT OLD! You are definitely better! You can do anything you put your mind to!!”

With that constant confirmation and positive thought in mind – I know that I can do anything. Even as a Grandpa I know that I can do it.

I have found the next greatest thing I want to try. It looks so good. I am asking myself – “Why Not!!?”

Here is what I have to do. I will purchase the Flexifoil ZIP kite that I read about today. (I have been getting these emails from Flexifoil regularly over these past months. Through a friend I was put on to the email broadcast list that they do. Just looking over the photos their site shows is wonderful.)

Next – I need to construct a three wheel cart as it is shown in the photo. Sitting on the cart I need to buckle my self in so that I do not leave the cart behind if it should take off as it seems to do in some of the photos.

Finally I need to get a large open space for the flying of my new kite. Most of our beaches in our area are pretty small… so maybe the Wasaga Beach area would be best… lost of sand and open areas there. The only hassle might be is the idiots that block off “their part” of the beach – but perhaps I can be air born by that section and fly over the wall that they reported him building.

I can feel it now… perfect freedom! Flying above the tree tops! Wow!

Now you think I am a crazy old fool with heavy emphasis on the “old” part.

Well let me tell you that inside me there is a young boy just waiting to get out and do stuff. And some of that stuff I dreamed of doing since I was a boy!

Heading back in time…
It was in the field near 1422 Elliott Street in Regina that the first dream of this flying took place. The bigger guys on the street had constructed the standard kite using two hockey sticks. One stick was a little shorter than the other so they were able to make a huge cross shaped kite. The height was one long, adult hockey stick… way bigger than me. They had covered it with industrial strength brown paper that they had take out of Railway Box Cars. (The brown paper lined the Box Cars so they could ship wheat inside.)

The prairie wind was steady and strong. I watched with glee as the bigger guys held the heavy twine and the huge kite pulled with all its might to get loose… but then soared heavenward.

I asked the guys if I could hold it. They let me. And as I hung on tight the guys held me because I was so small.

Suddenly the kite gave a huge tug and I slipped from their hands. Up I went with the mighty tug. I was air born for a few feet up before the older guys quickly grabbed my feet and pulled me down. I had also traveled a few yards further from where they were standing – they had run to grab me.

The thought at that time had never occurred to me, “What if they had not grabbed my feet – where would I have gone to and how far up would I have gone?”

The thought did come later. I was thrilled with the idea that maybe I could have flown over the houses near by.

I was about 10 years old then… and much, much lighter.

Now the dream can come true these 57 years later. I can fly with the help of Flexifoil. I can do it.

But there is one small hesitation with my plan. I have to tell my wife after she gets out of bed this morning. She is my ground crew.

I don’t think I will tell my two daughters until after we do our first successful test flight.

But I do sense your doubt as you read this. I can feel your negativity. Please stop that. I don’t need your old attitude that says he will never do that! That is just not fair.

The small voice inside just said it again, “YOU ARE NOT OLD! You are definitely better! You can do anything you put your mind to!!”

I just had another idea… wow! The local company that deals with wheel chairs and all things for handicapped and old people… has old wheel chairs sitting outside yesterday. I will go get one of those sturdy chairs and equip it with a seat belt. It will work just fine.

I should be flying by the weekend. Won’t the other cottagers be thrilled to see Grandpa whisking his way over their rooftop?

There it is again, “YOU ARE NOT OLD! You are definitely better! You can do anything you put your mind to!!”

I can’t wait to tell my wife when she wakes up!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 



Murray Lincoln said...

You think you can, you think you can, you think you can, but I don't think you should!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XOXOXOXO Love from your wife of almost 43 years if you stop thinking that you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Murray Lincoln said...

Oops!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have just been informed that it's almost 44 years, not 43, and he is right-----bless his heart----HE CAN COUNT! I was just wondering if he remembered!!!!!!! XOXOXOXO