Monday, July 18, 2011

The need for the “beenverified dot com” Web site

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Today’s Blog Post

The need for the “ ” Web site

So I figured it wouldn’t be long before a Web Site like the one I saw last night would come along. I just knew it would have to happen soon… as more and more people start realizing what was going on.

The Web Site is . It is a Site that searches and then shows the names of people with some history about them. Now it is not like a Wikipedia thing, but rather to do with their criminal record.

It serves a special interest group. That group is the younger (or older) ladies that go on to a dating Web Site looking for a perfect man. And the possibility exists that the special man that puts up a profile of himself is telling part of the truth… but not all.

The man’s profile may read, “older, healthy, loves walking and cycling; enjoys coffee and conversation in a quiet place…”

Buy what it doesn’t tell you is that he is recently released from jail after spending the better part of a decade in prison for a very serious crime, is now on parole and has very strict conditions to live by. It doesn’t tell you that he is a control freak that beat the crap out of his first two wives and has fathered three children that he does not, cannot support and has no clue where they live.

Worse yet he could be a Pedophile that has done horrendous things to little kids and was incarcerated because of it. He is hated by everyone. He has formed a new world and persona. No one but his parole officer knows what he has done.

Now add to that, if he lives in Canada, his past and his charges/conviction cannot be publicly displayed. If someone does that he can be charged… and the charges can be brought against them by the Pedophile.

Now it is doubtful that the Younger Group of Ladies would even read the second line of the old goat’s profile… but the Older Group of Ladies just might. They are as lonely as anyone… and would love a cup of coffee in a quiet place with a man that ask all about them… a man that won’t brag about himself… a man that will be funny and happy and ready to form a future partnership.

But Old Ladies have grandkids that they love. And grandkids or any kids of that age cannot be anywhere near this man. But he doesn’t tell her – and never will. It is a new game that fits perfectly into quiet and exciting new plan of this lonely older man… that has no life now at all.

How could I know so much about this?

Well I have a number of friends that have been on all kinds of Match Making Web Sites. They are both women and men. And in more recent times with more and more men coming from prison – who are lonely and need companionship… they are now using the sites to find someone.

I also have a number of friends that have been in prison. But not all of them have any intention of doing this kind of thing.

One man I know did and also found someone that started to see him… but that was stopped – fortunately. He is a pedophile with a lengthy history and the conviction that followed. It never stopped until he had met all the ladies family and her kids as well. And no one had a clue. Nothing happened except the cold sweat I broke into when I found out what happened.

He did find another lady on the same Match Making Site, that remarkably does care for him. And she also has no children – or grandkids. And she knows all about the guy!

In Canada we have about 14,500 men in prison. And that number stays about the same each year. Yet more and more men are arrested and go to prison. How come the number doesn’t climb higher? Well men are released from prison all the time. It balances out.

These men are lonely and need a friend. They meet women that are the same. And BINGO you have a match.

At first it is just for fun… but then one stage after another more and more is shared until you have a relationship that has started to mean something.

Now knowing that that USA has a prison population that is many times(10 or more times) bigger than our Canadian one, more and more men come out… and more and more have very long records. And they are able to learn and use computers just like the non-ex-offenders do.

The Web Site that I found is only for Americans. There is no Canadian site like this. The police have one but that is only for their use. And also there may be some real legal problems for anyone starting that in Canada – they could be sued.

So why write about this?

We know that God gave men and women a head which is mounted at the top of their bodies. In it there is a brain that is intended for use.

We also know that women often think with their hearts rather than their heads. If some one will know how to get to that heart and start her thinking with that heart she will easily fall for just about anything. That is specially true if she is lonely and broken already.

We know that men on the other hand don’t use their heads or brains either. One man told me with disgust about another friend of ours, “He only thinks with his penis!” (Sorry if that disgusts you and offends your religious righteousness..)

We know that some men love the hunt and the kill of a relationship. They maybe lonely but they are more likely not looking for a long relationship… not like the “heart thinking” and sometime vulnerable lady is.

Now add the possibility of a needed relationship and you will need

For the fun of it I ran more own name in this site – and got a few names back with their aliases. Oh Boy - I am not even safe to be with.

On the Web Site you will see a counter that is ticking over as people are checking other people. At this moment it is 12,103,726 background checks having been done.

That could mean that many people are trying it out and perhaps using their own name… but it could mean that there are 12 Million lonely people that need some one… and are checking to see if that other person is okay.

Oh Boy!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

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