Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Relationship to Neanderthals

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Today’s Blog Post

My Relationship to Neanderthals

My experience with the Neanderthal goes back to my High School Days. Yep there were some Neanderthals attending school back then. For sure!

But I had a personal experience with a Neanderthal in the High School play that was an annual event. The play that is, and the Neanderthal as well – he sat across the aisle in my classes.

I took part in the play as part of a stage crew. Oh the fun of those days!!

Now today I read the latest news in the “digital journal” – Neanderthals are related to me. As a white skinned person there is now proof that we as white skinned people have an identical chromosomes to the Neanderthal!

Quoting the Digital Journal… “So much for racial superiority. Now even species superiority is looking pretty unlikely. Homo Sap has just discovered that all non-Africans carry Neanderthal X chromosomes.”

Now that makes me feel much better on this very hot day.

I am forgetting things today. The brain is not working properly.

But I did get the wash in the washing machine and clothes in the dryer.

But somehow I do feel like a Neanderthal on days like this. It has to be the Chromosomes …it just has to be.

It is too darn hot to do anything!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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