Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bad News always – Good News sometimes

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Today’s Blog Post

Bad News always – Good News sometimes
It has been one of the kinds of weeks that is hard – very hard. I don’t like it at all.

A popular Canadian Politician is very sick with a newly found cancer. A sicko in Norway killed many people. And the USA leaders can’t agree about solving their financial problems. Elwy Yost passed away and there is too much cadmium in children’s jewelry – because they used to replace the lead that we complained about a few years ago.

Once we are past this week and we forget what happened it will be better.

But then there will be a lonely Polar bear some where that doesn’t have piece of ice to stand on.

Have you noticed that most news is bad news?

Good news is not attractive.

The dude in Norway, Anders Behring Breivik, was not known before his horrific act of violence in Norway. He counted on the fact that Bad News gets reported – Good News never gets looked at all. If he could just do something really bad they would report it and his silly manifesto. He was upset about the way that the countries of Europe, and probably his own, were allowing so many Islamic people iin by way of immigration.

I wonder if Anders Behring Breivik thought of the fact that his folk from Norway came as Immigrants to Canada and the USA to live here. The Aboriginal people that lived here never did much to make their statements and feelings known. Norwegians and the rest of us just pushed them aside and took their country.

Now Anders Behring Breivik wants the people potentially taking his country to be exposed and stopped.

This post is not about Anders Behring Breivik – yet I have used his name a number of times already.

This post is about my aversion to bad news and my need for some good news.

The Norwegians have a cute but powerful saying, “All trolls burst in the Sunlight”. A troll was a nasty little creature that lived under bridges and caused great fear and problems for the people that had to pass that way – over his bridge. Expose them and they go poof in the sunlight!

So maybe bad news is good to be exposed. Letting the rest of the world see how stupid people can be – is good.

Maybe that needs to happen for the USA’s lawmakers and leaders too?

Does anyone have anything good to say or report?

I do. I got a huge amount of my garage cleaned yesterday. Wahoo. It won’t make headlines tomorrow – but it may help me find stuff better!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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Anonymous said...

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and my computer is 'playing nicely' with me :)