Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Come on that is Ridiculous!

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Today’s Blog Post

Come on that is Ridiculous!
This story is crazy! That is how I felt when I picked up one newspaper. They print – or fill – columns to fill space. But then some of the stories are actually true… and you really got to wonder at the person’s head space when you read what they decided to do.

Below are some examples to think about.

Story One
When Juliet Jacobs found out she had lung cancer, she was terrified, but realized that her hope lay in getting the best treatment medicine could offer. So she got a second opinion, then a third. In February of 2010, she ended up at Duke University, where she entered a research study whose promise seemed stunning.

Doctors would assess her tumor cells, looking for gene patterns that would determine which drugs would best attack her particular cancer. She would not waste precious time with ineffective drugs or trial-and-error treatment. The Duke program — considered a breakthrough at the time — was the first fruit of the new genomics, a way of letting a cancer cell’s own genes reveal the cancer’s weaknesses.

But the research at Duke turned out to be wrong. Its gene-based tests proved worthless, and the research behind them was discredited. Ms. Jacobs died a few months after treatment, and her husband and other patients’ relatives are suing Duke. (There is more to the story – see link below)

It seems to me that I will rush to the best present program for help – not something new and yet to be sure of – if my condition was like Juliet’s

Story Two
PULASKI, Va. — In May 2009, Sam French hit bottom, once again. A relative found him face down in his carport “talking gibberish,” according to court records. He later told medical personnel that he had been conversing with a bear in his backyard and hearing voices. His family figured he had gone off his medication for bipolar disorder, and a judge ordered him involuntarily committed — the fourth time in five years he had been hospitalized by court order.

When Mr. French’s daughter discovered that her father’s commitment meant it was illegal for him to have firearms, she and her husband removed his cache of 15 long guns and three handguns, and kept them after Mr. French was released in January 2010 on a new regime of mood-stabilizing drugs.

Across the country, states are increasingly allowing people like Mr. French, who lost their firearm rights because of mental illness, to petition to have them restored. (There is more to the story – see link below)

Duh! Do think that you would be fighting for the rights of Mr. French to carry a gun? Only in the USA! Right? Nope we allow people with some major mental conditions such as Bipolar disorder to drive as well. I know one person that drives and at times has no idea where she is. She calls home or friends for help! Yep! It is true!

Story Three
WASHINGTON — Alarmed by a shortage of primary care doctors, Obama administration officials are recruiting a team of “mystery shoppers” to pose as patients, call doctors’ offices and request appointments to see how difficult it is for people to get care when they need it.

The administration says the survey will address a “critical public policy problem”: the increasing shortage of primary care doctors, including specialists in internal medicine and family practice. It will also try to discover whether doctors are accepting patients with private insurance while turning away those in government health programs that pay lower reimbursement rates. (There is more to the story – see link below)

Double Duh!

Our waiting rooms are already filled with sick people and it is hard to get help. It is not fair to take up space when it is no needed. Unless you are ready to install camera’s in the doctor’s office to watch his every move… this idea is ridiculous.

Maybe it is just the heat that has got to me… but some of this seems rather stupid! Wouldn’t you agree.

I am sorry for Juliet’s family loss… and for Mr. French’s problem… but Obama’s ideas… come on!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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