Thursday, July 7, 2011

Post Traumatic Stress is real – the Soldiers need help

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Today’s Blog Post

Post Traumatic Stress is real – the Soldiers need help
When I head the stat on the TV Program last night I thought I didn’t hear right… and then they gave more and more stats. They came so fast and I was so bowled over by what was being said… I was dumbfounded and never wrote any of it down.

What was it all about?

Soldiers coming back from the Wars they fight in are dieing at home. No it is not an enemy bullet or bomb… but rather an “internal bomb”. They are committing suicide. They can’t take what happened to them and what is happening around them. They can’t cope with everyday life… and find only one way out. Death is their answer.

I doubt that anyone reading this Blog has ever killed anyone… or watched the man that they had their sights on suddenly real backward, his head in bits and pieces and his body kicking slightly – after you pulled the trigger.

The horror of taking another human’s life lives with the killer for years to come – maybe even a lifetime. But everyone looks at the killer – and sees no problems with him or her. In fact they pretty much look like us in everyway. But you cannot see Pain and Memories that will never go away.

I have talked to killers. They related what happened when the life juice ebbed out of the person in front of them. They never get over it. I have talked to soldiers and they cannot talk about it.

The difference between soldiers and killers is one basic thing. The killer had intent and was for the most part very different than the rest of society.

The soldier was one of us until he was propelled overseas and placed where he would watch day and night for the possibility of himself possibly being cut down by a bullet of bomb.

The soldier is always looking over his shoulder and wondering if the next child, the next woman, the next man might be his assassin. He is on guard all the time… and cannot sleep well… or escape what is about to happen to him.

Some of the stats that I have heard are from the USA. Someone tracked the fact that 53,000 men died in Vietnam and 102,000 killed themselves afterwards at home in the Good Ole USA! That was the stat on the TV last night that shocked me

The USA, Britton and other places have produced stats… but my country won’t and has yet to say anything at all.

It seems to be that Canada won’t or doesn’t take responsibility after the guy or gal is jettisoned out of the armed services. It is their problem not the armed services problem.

Post Traumatic Stress – PTS – takes most of their lives. And the fact that not much is done for them after they return – allows the PTS take its victim.

This week sons, daughters, dads and moms will start coming home from Afghanistan. Our part in the conflict is over. We are done with it all – hopefully no more young folk will be killed.

But PTS will start its ravages now. Marriages that are already strained will start to fall apart. Alcohol and drugs will take more unsuspecting victims closer to the edge and then when there is no hope left – the victim will blow out their brains… or jump from a high place.

How do I know that? Well it is happening every day now. In the USA there are 18 men every day killing themselves. They can’t take it any more. Their top soldiers and even their politicians are telling us that.

Canadian Politicians simply say nothing. They are either so naïve – or maybe just don’t care. Or maybe they are just plain stupid. So stupid that they chose not to care or provide for these men that have given so much… and have seen way too much. I hope they just don’t understand… oh I hope so much that is the case.

Guys and Gals – I know hat PTS is real and that it has affected you deeply. I have friends that are now traversing this mine field of emotions with PTS hounding their everymove.

Hang in there. We love you and understand. We will support you in everyway that we can… and we will try to get you help.

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

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