Friday, July 15, 2011

The Power of a Dove

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Today’s Blog Post
The Power of a Dove
Today was to be the day that our Huge Tree was to receive its pruning job. It was to have its haircut.

The tree is a Manitoba Maple that stands about 65 high beside our driveway.

Today our new friend Anthony Weinczok, from ACE Tree Care, showed up to take down some of the large limbs on the tree.

Anthony brought out his equipment and then put on his safety equipment. He was ready to climb up and begin the cutting that was needed.

He was up a short distance and had cut some small branches that could have blocked his way upward. It was then that he stopped and said, “Oh, Oh I have problem.” Then he pointed at the tree.
There in the crutch of the tree was beautiful Morning Dove looking at him intently from her small nest. The main branch that he was going to work on sat immediately to the right of her nest. Climbing the tree or even starting the chain saw would have meant that the nest would be disturbed.

Worse yet… just below Mrs. Dove there were two young ones. Their tails were sticking out and she was protecting them with her body. The babies are just a little smaller than she is – but still babies.

Anthony came up close to her to see if she would move. His nose was within six inches of her… and she never budged. This little lady was going no where… and was just staring the Wood Cutter down.

Mrs. Dove won. Anthony backed out of the tree and said, “I just can’t do it! We will have to wait until they leave the nest.”

Anthony lost a whole day’s work today all because Mrs. Dove looked at him.

Anthony of ACE Tree Care – cares… he is great man.

He could have easily pulled her off the nest and then let the Baby Doves drop. To help them on their way – it would have been easy to send them to Dove Heaven. But Anthony cared too much.

I am amazed that one young man cared that much. Most of the hulking tree arborists that I have seen need only one thing – to get paid.

It cost Anthony today… in terms of getting the job done and receiving the money that he needs to live on. But Anthony card more about three small creatures than the money.

You and I need to be impressed with this young man. And I want to recommend him as some one that cares… for trees and for creation. You may need an arborist some day. Call him!

His contact info is
Anthony Weinczok - Certified Arborist/Forester
ACE Tree Care
Tel – 705-944-5532 Cell 905-269-8733 (905-269TREE)
Web Site 

Anthony I thank you. And Mrs. Dove thanks you too.

~ Murray Lincoln ~


Anonymous said...

I know Anthony and he is an awesome stand up guy. This doesn't surprise me, but had a good chuckle at, "Uh oh, we have a problem.".

Good read, thanks!

Rita Veinot said...

I have known for years that he is a very loving, caring young man. I know, because he's my grandson and I love him dearly but I thank you for your appreciation of him as well as I.
Rita Veinot