Friday, July 8, 2011

The story which is delicious, sweet, fulfilling and ripe

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Today’s Blog Post

The story which is delicious, sweet, fulfilling and ripe

My wife looked at me as she popped a Ripe Red Berry in her mouth and said, “This is so much fun... just you and me picking together! I wish we could have done more of this over all these years. Picking alone isn’t near as much fun.”

Alida had stated an obvious fact. All these years I have been too busy with serving others, worrying about others, and always with others. Now in retirement we have time together. No hurry – no rush – just us together.

I know that some day in the future some of these photos will be on a large magnetic board at a Funeral Home somewhere. One of us will be telling others how much fun we had that day. Our date that we so loved so much on that warm summer day… I hope that isn’t too soon… I want more warm and long summer days with my Bride of so many years.

The Strawberry fields were forever and so were the Raspberry patch. This a big place just north of where we live. After you park the vehicle another vehicle takes you out to the field, a tractor pulling a wagon.

I will let the photos tell you the rest of the story… which is delicious… sweet… fulfilling and ripe. Hey that sounds like our marriage for the last 44 years!

Enjoy the Photos!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

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