Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yesterday Alida and I toured the new Peterborough Regional Health Center (PRHC)– the New Hospital. We were very impressed to say the least. It is totally amazing what a few hundreds of millions of will produce. We are so blessed!

Two unusual “pain problems” surfaced as we walked through with the group of Ministers and Chaplains.

The first was pointed out by a staff member. We, as ministers, get free parking and they do not. It costs them $6.00 per day – every day! There was some considerable agitation on this staffer’s part. I agree that this seems very unfair – why TAX your staff? An unhappy staffer gives care that is not smooth – needles going into your body from a frustrated staff member have a tendency to hurt more… Yikes!

Not only are the Staff Members TAXED this way – but so are visitors…little old ladies that cannot move quick enough and sons that drive them.

Why do you have to pay for a Hospital by taxing the same people that donate to the large funding drives to pay for the hospital in the first place? That doesn’t make sense!

The second is the fact that with all the tremendously advanced equipment and space improvement – people still have terrible pain. Pain management is there without a doubt. But the pain is sometimes unmanageable.

Take my friend Terry – he is one of my first friends to be laying on a bed last night in the PRHC. My heart goes out to him. The pain will not go away. The most frightening part is that he and I have a similar problem with the area of pain…and I am watching what might be happening to me in a few years time.

Last evening I watched a movie entitled “Robo Cop”. The police officer was an excellent man and officer. In a really bad situation he was murdered by the really bad guys. It was pretty graphic. Then they rebuilt the whole body for this guy – only keeping his head(brain) and his lower face.

No more pain for this guy…now he was able to go out and get all the bad guys. He was Robo Cop.

I am not Robo Minister – or Robo Murray – and he is not Robo Terry. I am pretty much normal and so is he. We hurt tremendously at times. Stuff inside won’t work right and I need help.

Terry is at that stage today.

The Pain is bad but God knows where we are right now. He is there to help us and lift us.

When Terry finally gets to read this – he will either have it printed out by Marion his wife – or he will be home.

Terry – you and I both know that God is the best Pain Manager… and we are praying for a miracle right now!

This posting is more of a request for you to pray for Terry. Right now that is what is really important.

Then let some one know that the Parking Issue at the PRHC is unfair and needs to be changed!

Thanks a million!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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