Saturday, June 21, 2008

Going Where Few Have Gone Before – Blogging

The Rental Car was brand new for my journey. The “new car smell” inside was still there. Everything sparkled on this vehicle. It responded well in the traffic and could it ever go on the highway.

Here I was stuck in really bad traffic, moving at a snail’s pace. The power and beauty of this new vehicle was being wasted as we crept along inch and inch in the heavy traffic.

As I pulled up to the end of the road I had to turn right at this intersection…but the traffic was so heavy passing in front of me that I could go no where. I stopped dead, waiting for it to clear. I could not back up either to get the nose out of the traffic – possibly moving it out of harms way.

It was then that it happened… A huge cow with three people sitting on its back slowly came from my right side – crossing in the front of my vehicle’s bumper from right to left. What the dickens is going on? Traffic was going from left to right – but the cow was going right to left right in front of the rental I am driving. Worse yet – it must have been on the sidewalk on my right and because I was so far forward in the intersection it had now been forced almost into the on coming cars…. This was terrible! I pushed violently on the brake peddle and honked the horn.

The huge cow simply snorted and its wild eyes looked right at me. The three guys on its back lifted their left legs to miss the front of my car hitting their feet and legs…

It was then that it happened….the terrible scrapping sound first…then the shudder of the front of the car…the crunch of plastic and metal…then the car moved from right to left a little…then it was quiet.

The rear of the cow had done the most damage as it slowly moved to my left. I heard the sound of falling car parts hit the road. The beast was kind of blonde in colour and the men on its back stared at me in defiance. One of them gave me a rude hand sign with his one finger as the cow moved down the sidewalk to my left.

I DON’T NEED THIS NOW! Not an accident! This is a brand new rental car. The insurance costs will soar – how will I explain this one to the company I rented it from. My heart was racing. My hands were shaking as I grabbed the door handle to open the door of the vehicle.

The door swung out and I stepped out of the vehicle. As I came around to the front of the vehicle it was way worse than I thought. The entire left head light assembly was laying on the ground with pieces of the grill…bits of turning lights…and a section of the bumper with it all.

That stupid cow had torn my rental vehicle’s front end right off! I stood there staring in disbelief. How in the dickens will I explain that to the rental car company – I could hear them saying….“sure… a COW hit the front of your vehicle…you say it was blonde in colour….okay…and why didn’t you back up…? A COW you say…?”

It was at that very moment as I pondered the potential Rental Car Company employee’s questions….that the police car stopped behind me. The cop was putting on his cap and closing the door of his car. I gulped. I was in trouble with him too. Clearly I shouldn’t have been sitting there with my vehicle’s nose so far into the traffic…the mess of a head light, broken glass, broken plastic and the piece of bumper showed him how far my car was in the intersection… my heart was beating so fast… and my hands were wet… I shook! And there was no COW to be seen!

Bang! I woke up. It was 6:13 AM. I was in my bed…not in a stupid rented car. Not at the side of busy street with an angry cop walking toward me. There was no broken glass or plastic or bumper that had been there just moments before around my brown shoes. My feet were bare and I was in my own bed laying flat on my back.

Man oh man…was that dream ever real! Too real! A cow? A rental car? Busy traffic? My mind was reeling as I tried to shake the memories of the dream…I still could hear the sound of the traffic, the snort of the cow as it passed by tearing the front end of my car off and the sound of the broken car parts hitting the ground.

But the room was completely quiet except for a morning dove that was calling in our back tree…

Go head analyze me….
Some in reading this have already said to themselves that, “Murray is losing it!” Well you are right…I am. I always thought I was a little nuts – but this confirms it.

Most of my dreams are simply very full, very much in “Technicolor”, full stereo surround sound with full amplification. The dreams have all the smell, the movement and the things that real life have.

The Bible states in Joel 2:28 (New International Version) 28 "And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.

I think this is my confirmation of the truth…I am an old man! Not too funny when you are 64 years old.

However last week…as I sat quietly…I had a vision too. It was so clear. I could see into the future that has seemed so clouded up to this point. I saw some of what I might be doing in days to come. I saw me in a special place listening to many people talk.

Then the vision continued… I saw many other places and people listening…but I felt uncertain as I watched. Then that gentle voice of God spoke again… “I will take care of it all...” I felt a deep peace and it was over.

Now I know that isn’t as dramatic and powerful as the cow and the rented vehicle…but it was real…very real. And there was more but I can’t tell it yet. And if I did say it too soon – others might think that I am really nuts! But God stated, “I will take care of it all...”

With a huge change coming in my life…just hours away now…it has shaken me deeply. The uncertainty of the weeks to come have played havoc on my whole being. It has stretched my faith to the max. It has challenged everything that I have ever preached and shouted to me – “Okay – now live what you have told others to do! Trust God!”

It is hard to argue with a good sermon – especially when you are the preacher to yourself.

As I write this Blog… and also the last Blog ( I have been acutely aware of the reason that I do it. There have been 20,907 people that have stopped by the original Blog with 29,462 pages read. (I just checked the records) Many have been people that come back often. Many are people that come back again and again to read and support.

On any day people that drop by to read come from all over the world. They start early in their days – when I am sound asleep in my night. They are in China, Malaysia, Australia, Korea, Hong Kong, and India and from many different countries as I sleep. As I awake so do they…in Europe, then Africa and the USA and Canada. Some read early – others read late. But they all come.

I have been amazed at the research that goes on as well. Time after time people are looking for things and words that I have written about. People are still looking into postings I made way back in early 2006.

The transition to a New Blog name and address was needed. It has appeared that I had spoken for members of the Northview Pentecostal Church with the postings. I admit it – I did to a point – to give the church a unique mission purpose. However, when I am no longer the Pastor of Northview – I cannot continue to do that.

To help with the transition and help some of the ones that want to continue the journey with me – I have changed the name. There is a method to transition the whole Northview Blog – when it is looked for… and then redirect the searcher to my new one… but it takes some time to do it….maybe in a few weeks.

Yes… I am old and young…
The idea of Blogging came a few years ago… in a vision. It seemed to be like a great way to connect with people that had missed something we were doing in church. As I began…. It was that way. But with the new people coming from everywhere… it changed. As a result I now have friends in every corner of the earth. They email and they read.

The word “Northview” is now talked about in China and India…where people have never been to Canada yet. It has been a huge adventure to say the least. I have gone there without even having a Pass Port or a Visa to get into their countries.

My point – at 64 I still have visions and am encountering more dreams.

Ministry is not over. Stuff is happening so fast that it makes my head spin. Soon I will be able to tell what it is all about. All I know right now – it is good – very good! And IT WILL BE ANNOUNCED HERE…. Whoopee!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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