Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ships, Barnacles and a "Terry Ministry"

A long time ago I came across a quote that set solid in my mind… “A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are made for.”

Ships are made to sail far and to places perhaps that they have never been before. In fact there is nothing that has more spirit than a sail boat (or ship) that is slicing through waves of all kinds. There is a freedom that powers it on.

But Ships can go no where without a crew. One person on that crew is a captain that takes ownership and is willing to make hard and sometimes very fast decisions for the sake of his ship and all that are on it. Their very life depends on his ability to do decide quickly what should be done.

There may be other people on board that also know what to do….but they have come aboard to be the crew. As you study the set up of ant crew you easily see each person’s talent and ability coming to the surface quickly.

A good crew makes a ship on the sea possible – without it the ship is toast.

Making the jump out of the safety of my Senior Pastor role seems like new freedom. I am on my own – whoopee! No more Board meetings, no more problems to take on, no more planning for the next six months…no more… no more…! Right?

Wrong! That fanciful thinking came to an end before the end of the first day of freedom. I need people and I need a crew. Or maybe better put – I need to work on a crew. Alone is horrible.

The problem…
Over the years the problem has come for a retired couple… he retires as a manager, an employee with responsibility. Looks great – sounds great – right? It is great for a few hours – until she came to tell/ask me – “Pastor, will you please find him something to do!? He is driving me crazy! He is in MY KITCHEN telling me what to do. If he doesn’t find something to do I will be in jail for murder!!!!”

I have heard the “warning from wives” with newly minted retired husbands. I know where I shouldn’t be…and what I should be doing.

Yesterday – I was floundering in a huge mess of books and dust – in my old office. Then I heard the voice of my friend. He dropped in to see how I was doing. Terry you came just at the right time…thanks buddy. You were a God giving gift…even for just a short time.

Back to ships…
Dry dock for a ship is not just sitting in a harbour doing nothing. It is a time that the great creature of the sea comes into a special place to be refitted, refurbished and retooled.

Most importantly, in the Dry Dock the old barnacles that have encrusted to the hull of the boat – below the water line – can be scrapped away. Ships cannot get rid of their barnacles on their own.

My goodness…sorting through tons of books and bags full of papers after 10 years in one office is “Barnacle Scrapping Time” for sure. Yesterday I saw a lot that was below my water line… that is now gone…and there is more that needs to go.

I need to ask for your support and connectivity. Would you please do a “Terry Ministry” once in a while…. Drop a note…drop by…check on how I am doing… just do a “Terry Ministry”

Warning… Warning… Anyone entering my Dry Dock area will be required to drink one cup of coffee and stay a while. In my case today it may be to give you a barnacle or two…as a souvenir!

Then there is the issues of personal Barnacles that God is dealing with in and on me. Oh boy… this could be uncomfortable. Oh Boy!

Thank you so much for your support!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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