Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Intersection to my Inbox is so out of control

“The Intersection to my Inbox is so out of control….” These words are spoke as part of an Insurance company’s advertisement on our local TV broadcast. The gal speaking is sitting in an airport some where...

What an amazing statement! Only someone living in 2008 will understand this statement. The author of this tidbit caught us where most of us have developed the sizzling life style. We are stretched and exhausted – over worked and paid okay – but it seems that it isn’t enough because of the amount that we allow to pound our way.

We are trying to function on a Freeway of life with the Meadow of life watching us breeze by.

The other day in southern Ontario I was rushing to a meeting three hours away. The pristine country side flew by my windows. Just a few feet from the road was a large group of sheep grazing quietly. Most had been sheared and were cool and clean.

One sheep close to the fence looked at me… and I at him. Who knows what was going through his small mind. He put his head down after looking at me and pulled more grass into his mouth and chewed. Then he wiggled his small tail and went about being a sheep at a sheep’s speed.

Meanwhile I flew on pressing toward a meeting that didn’t meet any of my needs or give me anymore answers than the ones I already have.

Something odd about this picture. I was created to walk and enjoy the scenery around me. But some where something went wrong – I sped up and lost all contact with my world around me. I lost reality.

This morning was dangerously different. My last tasks at the church were done. I had completed the last pastoral duty by cleaning out and cleaning up my old office of 10 years. It is finished….completely finished.

It is close to 2 PM now… I have been out of bed for 8 hours now…and something is wrong. It feels like a day off. It is like a long weekend with every day being Monday. Hurry evaporated over night and something changed. I do not need to do – I can simply be.

Some one said we are trying to be a “human doing” when God only made us to be a “human being”.

The horrible and most dangerous feeling came at about 10:39 AM – I could get used to this nothing feeling. Could that be dangerous?

In my thoughts I drifted back to the Garden of Eden account in Genesis. So this is what it was like? Wow! When I meet Adam some day my questions will be, “Hey dude…what did you listen to that woman for? What was in your silly little mind at that moment? You had so much to lose. Wow!”

Sorry.. the reverie was just broken. I promised Alida that I would get on to a carving job that may make some money. Gotta run…!

Today I am thanking God for his wonderful day that he has shared with me.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

PS – Alida asked me what I wanted to do on the Sunday coming. I looked at her and said… “Buy my fishing license…go to the dock of a pastor we know… and while he is leading his service Sunday AM…catch the biggest bass that he or I have ever seen….then tell him about it…later!” We giggled together…

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MistiPearl said...

Great pics Murray!!!

Miss you two!
Smiles and blessings!:)