Monday, June 30, 2008

A Day Alone With God and The Biggest Announcement

Okay – Okay I have TWO CONFESSIONS to make here…

FIRST CONFESSION – We did attend a “church” yesterday! It was the most amazing church that I have ever attended – the BIGGEST, the MOST BEAUTIFUL, and the RICHEST one ever. It also has no debt. The preaching part lasted 6 hours and was still going on when we pulled out of the Sanctuary.

As usual I had my camera with me and took lots of photos… Many have told me that the picture is worth a Thousand Words…this is so true in this case.
At the start of this posting I have to say – church for me needs to bring me closer to God. The church we attended today did just that…so very close to God….!

First – the Sanctuary – the beautiful, graceful flowing Sanctuary that pointed you directly to everything about God. It took my breath away completely.
Secondly – the Pews that we sat on were wonderful…but of many varieties. The first one was quite near the Baptismal Fount…
Third – Like most of the regular churches in our area there were musicians and music. These musicians and the music they produced were unusual in that they made no noise – yet they shouted and sang God’s glory by what they did…
The Choir of Daisies… they were everywhere in the sanctuary – not confined to front of the church in a choir loft.

The Soloists that sang the most beautiful pieces were the Thistle Family. Here you can see them standing tall very near the Baptismal Fount. They were planted by God himself and not always appreciated by everyone else – but God loves them so much…
The Sanctuary Decoration was something that simply took your breath away… Here is a series photos are just a few of the wonderful paint jobs that God himself provided for us to look at...truly awe inspiring.
Other People worshiped with us too. They were unusual in that they brought their own pews with them. They were so into this worship and so were their grandkids – that they went right into the Baptismal Fount! I have used their photo without permission – and hope that their own minister doesn’t Blog… so they will not be found out as they enjoyed this Sanctuary with us.
The Meditation and Solitude for myself was overpowering. The scene that you see below happened right beside an actual Church building. It is a dock near the Warsaw United Church. Their actual service was over and all the good people had returned to their homes after worship.
If more churches provided this kind of seating and freedom – maybe more people would come. I know I would be there every Sunday for sure.

Yes there was a Glorious Offering taken. The offering or collection plate was passed. Only this time – instead of people giving money…God gave us a gentle offering…. a wonderful light rain… that fell gently as I sat on the dock fishing… you could hear sound of the drops hitting the water’s surface.

Here you can see the offering plate…
And the offering…
Then the added blessing…I was given an opportunity to catch my “own offering”. Some were very small, some were very big… One followed my hook all the way to the dock that I was sitting on…moved forward quickly… stopped and turned…then came back to the hook again…then slowly moved away. He was a small Muskie about 24 to 30 inches in length. My hands shook at that one…and I will be back to “worship” here again.
The photo evidence here of my fishing is all about fishing. When you love it…it makes no difference how big it is…it will remain bigger than life in my mind – FOREVER! So I share what I saw today with this photo…my wife took it…so it has to be real!

Oh and one last thing about the day. We found a Parsonage that is for sale and situated very close to the heart of the Sanctuary. But as you can see no one lives there now and it is for sale… The “minister” moved to the city to lead another Church – far from the original Sanctuary. Sad but true…
We had a wonderful day with God. I hope you can visit the Sanctuary soon as well. Then when you come back to the Regular Church – you will have something to sing about!!!

Remember – earlier… I said that I have TWO CONFESSIONS to make.

The SECOND CONFESSION can be read about at
We are delighted to tell you all that we are entering “Provincial Chaplaincy” in Ontario.
Some of you will soon receive an email that we have prepared as well for potential prayer supporters and potential friends of this New Ministry. When the link appears also for the “e-Mail contact”… please sign up as well.

Here is our new Ministry and Prayer Focus… Queens Park in Toronto, Ontario… God Bless You Richly today….
~ Murray and Alida Lincoln


Brenda & Win said...

Way to Go, Murray & Alida. Congratulations!!
We knew you wouldn't stay down for long.
We will definitely pray for this new ministry--& see what we might be able to do about the other request.

God Bless you both.

MistiPearl said...

Ah ha haaaa!!!!!:) LOL God is so GREAT!!! The pictures are wonderful...I can feel the presence of the Lord through them:)
Although...the one with the fish...are you sure that's not doctored??;)

Congratulations!!! Onward and Upward to His Glory!!!
Smiles and Blessings,
Love mp