Thursday, June 26, 2008

Announcement of a Life Time – Ontario

I cannot keep this quiet any longer!

Today it is our great Joy to Share a Secret. We are beginning our new part of the Journey. It is my honour to join the "Ontario Provincial Chaplaincy" in Ontario. My new role will be to serve as a Provincial Chaplain in Ontario…wherever God may lead.

This is a Market Place Ministry that serves the leadership of our province wherever possible.

I truly believe that new and unusual doors are continuing to open.

I am asking you boldly today to consider doing two very important things to help us as we take this step in FAITH…

1.) Pray for Alida and me – pray for us! We are desiring to build a strong prayer base for this ministry – please let me enlist you in this vital part of the TEAM. Nothing at all will be accomplished without prayer. Email me at or

2.) Consider supporting our new ministry in Ontario with a FINANCIAL Gift. It is going to be our first and foremost task to raise our support totally. Unlike the local church where finances are in place and salaries are paid without too much difficulty…a Provincial Chaplain has no establish support. WE NEED YOUR HELP – either with a regular monthly gift that can be counted on for an added blessing – or a one time gift at this time that will help us build a good “STORE HOUSE FILLED WITH SEEDS” – that will be planted later.

If you are able to consider making a pledge to this vital ministry we would so much appreciate you doing so. There is a capacity to do make a donation on our Web Site…OR…

A radical OLD FASHIONED WAY – send your Cheques or bring your contribution to “Leading Influence” at 925 Western Ave., Peterborough, Ontario, K9J 5W1.

For the interim period of time as God leads us in the building stages of Leading Influence Ontario – I will be doing whatever “Tent Making” kind of task that God brings my way.

God closed the door as we “retired early” from Northview. The change was necessary and in God’s time. It was Step One that took place at our church – now we are asked by God to take Step Two.

Would you please join us with Step Two… it is so much better to walk together….

~ Murray Lincoln – Provincial Chaplain

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