Friday, June 27, 2008

The Mysterious Rocking Chair

My first notice of the fun that was happening came when the empty rocking chair on our porch rocked by itself. That’s right – rocked by itself. Spooky for sure. There was no wind and no one touching the chair. There it was rocking back and forth…then it would stop…then it would start.

I should explain more for you. The rocker sits right outside the larger front room window of our living room. My lap top computer is with me as I sit to do my work each morning – near the window inside of the house. From time to time as I pause in my writing I glance out the window to the front porch, front yard or to the street. It was with one of these glances out that I first saw the moving rocker.

The mystery was solved in a matter of moments as the large black squirrel jumped on the porch and hopped to the rocking chair…then with one bounce he was on the seat…another bounce he hit the back of the rocking chair pushing it back…then he dismounted the chair back to the seat area – allowing the chair to spring forward…at which time he dismounted landing on the porch floor. The rocker came forward with his dismount – then reacted to the exit by rocking backwards – then forward – then backward….until it stopped.

The insane squirrel did it again and again. The rocker kept responding. He had been doing this for a while before I noticed him – and kept going at it for a while after I began watching.

It would have made a great YouTube video. A rocking squirrel is hit for sure.

I puzzled at the way this creature functions. He and others will chase each other around and around the large tree trunk in our backyard…heads down toward the base of the tree…tails up toward the top…moving sideways…around and around the tree. It is kind of a tag they play.


I have tried to sort out this thought over and over again. The best that I can come up with is that God has a purpose for these silly creatures – to lighten my load. In this old world, with the strain and hurry, God has placed markers that help us to slow down, watch, giggle, and take it all in. Long before there was a David Letterman and/or all the other TV funny people…there were God’s comedians… squirrels… raccoons…. sea gulls… and host of other creatures that make me smile.

Each time I see one of these characters perform for me God again reminds me that he is there. Instead of dwelling on a problem – he nudges me to look up.

In fact it may be a best seller – my new book, “Ridiculous Stuff Sent from God for My Betterment”.

A prescription for success today… walk outside… sit down… then look around. There will be something that will entertain or speak to you today.

Sadly some will miss it all…but rather catch it on their High Definition TV from a soft couch in a dark room. I scream to them – “It isn’t as good as the real thing! Turn it off and get outside…far, far away from the ridiculous…..

If Adam had the choice to walk with God in the Garden of Eden or sit in front of the HDTV – which one would have he done?

You have that choice today….so do I…hmmmm?

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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