Monday, November 4, 2013

Who is this “Ford Nation” anyway?

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Who is this “Ford Nation” anyway?
Living in Peterborough, Ontario we are just a wee bit out of Toronto. This gigantic city is only about an hour and a half’s drive from my driveway.  I can be there in a heartbeat.
Living in our city we are also connected to many people that used to live in Toronto, but had escaped to a slower lifestyle and perhaps a safer one(at least we think so).
And living in this small city we are also flooded with news from our relatives and friends living in “the City” when stuff happens. Anything happening there will be news here.
Away out in Yorkton or Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan it isn’t news – not so much anyway – unless there are no problems that day with the crops or cows.  Local problems will always over shadow news from Toronto.
But even in small places in Saskatchewan my friends will write notes on Facebook or via email asking what is going on in Toronto with that guy Ford.
That guy ‘Ford’ is known by all former Torontonians… and for sure by people  that live there now. Ford is the infamous guy known as THE MAYOR of Toronto.  And Ford is also the guy that in his own eyes and mind is the best Mayor that Toronto has ever had!
The Best Mayor ever?  Yep – he told his radio audience this on his show on Sunday afternoon. He is the best by far.  But remember he is the one telling you… Take a look at a summary of his radio show of yesterday at this link – where he tells everyone he is the Best.
Pause: Just a quick catch up here to let you know what has taken place at this point in time.
The Best Mayor Toronto has ever had has constantly been in the news reports for months now. He is a heavy drinker and gets loud along with stupid when he drinks. This BMOT (Best Mayor of Toronto) also accused of being a druggie with a video done of him “doing stuff” and saying stupid stuff. The druggie stuff that he was doing in the video appears to be “crack”… but BMOT cannot tell you what was in the pipe he was apparently smoking because he hasn’t seen the video yet. (What a super stupid statement!)
The BMOT is married with a wife that must have the patience of Mrs. Job. The BMOT also has two kids that he parades around with him at different and meaningful times.  That proves that BMOT is smart and that his addictions can be covered by being a loving daddy.
Oh boy… my suspicious meter is way over the top at this moment as is 85% of the population of Toronto and 100% of the rest of Canada.
15% - you say?
Yep that is what the statics say… 15% of the population still support the BMOT… through whatever he does – no matter how ugly or awful he is.
You are kidding – right!?  Support this drunken, foul mouthed, complete idiot, type of fool that thinks he is the BMOT… you are kidding – RIGHT!?????
Nope – I am not.  They have been labelled as the “Ford Nation” and they get out to vote their hero in to become the BMOT. Yep 15% did it because less than 25% of the population of millions actually voted – and 15% is more than 50% of 25%.
Yep the BMOT.
But my original question is “Who is this Ford Nation anyway?”
In my humble opinion they are the men and their supporters(families that blame the wives) that are some of the worst of our society. They have broken their marriages with booze and drug addictions. They have abused their spouse physically and mentally. They have been ordered out of their houses and homes – away from their kids to keep what is left safe and sound. They are the ones that don’t show and don’t pay their child support. They are the 15% of society that I have watched and connected to as a minister… and have shaken my head when they will not take advice from anyone.
This 15% kind of people are licking their wounds and looking somewhere for a saviour. They need someone to fight their battles and stand up and show the world that they are not what you say they are.  And they unite under a banner that the news calls “Ford Nation”.  The BMOT is their living, breathing, drinking, drug using, shouting, swearing, threatening anyone and everyone – kind of hero. He is what they are only he is the BMOT… and they love the down to their earth kind of idiot.
I wonder what the BMOT does when he comes home drunk?  I wonder what kind of ruckus happens when he thunders through the house, barfs all over the bathroom floor and swears at his trembling wife?  I wonder if she is still living with the BMOT?  Do you think the kids wake up crying when daddy comes home?
How would I ever say that kind of stuff or suggest that visual for you to consider of the BMOT!!!!?
Well as a minister in a lot of different communities I have seen the women that these asses live with.  I have heard their stories and looked at their bruised faces that still have tears running down their cheeks.  I have watched the families of the guys that think the BMOT is their hero… and what I have seen has been ugly.
I have watched the poor wives of these idiots be turned upon by the mother of the BMOT.  (Oh BTW – BMOT can also mean Being Mean Or Threatening).  I have seen the entire family never visit or have anything to do with the spouse of a BMOT.  I have witnessed what happens when the BMOT does to his own family supporters… like live with his aged mother… buy all kinds of good stuff like cars, motorcycles, boats and big boy toys with the money he doesn’t give to his Ex or his kids.
This “Ford Nation” and the Toronto’s BMOT #1 has my blood boiling and my thoughts turned toward Rob Ford’s wife and kids.
No newspaper reporter has checked the women’s shelters in that area have they?
No one has said anything about how his wife must feel when she goes shopping… when people whisper and point at her.
No one has ever asked from Protective Child Services what is happening to the kids in this home.  After all when you are the BMOT that department is under you… and God help them if they come to your door… thus says the BMOT!
This story is far from over… and it is classic in every way possible to show the extent of abuse that can be carried on without intervention of any kind.
God help Mrs. Ford and her family – let alone the city of Toronto!
~ Murray Lincoln ~
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Anonymous said...

It is not my place to sit in judgement of another human being. So far he hasn't hurt anybody but himself and needs his say in court if and when arrested, for illegal activity. I neither voted for him nor am part of the Ford Nation.

Murray Lincoln said...

Your point is well made,, however the people he hurts may not have physical marks.. more likely mental bruises and deep emotional problems... here I am assuming the staff that once worked for the guy are in real need now... but now one knows what his Wife is going through... and that part is very sad.

Anonymous said...

A little surprised, and disappointed that you would paint 15% of the population of Toronto with the same brush, just because they support Ford. That makes them the "worst of society"? Perhaps Ford nation is just fed up with the chronic waste of tax payers money, and see no one else on the horizon with the same respect for the people's money. Where is the compassion?
Personally, I hope Rob Ford gets help for his personal demons and that his fiscal restraint policies continue under the next Mayor.

Murray Lincoln said...

The hardest part is watching a man that has a real problem that he needs help with... not get it... or not really be man enough to stand and say I have a real problem an I will deal with ME now. I have watched minister after minister deny they had problems - cover their problems with keeping the Right Thing up front - preach about it - drive the point home - you know - sin and sinners and Hell Fire and Brimstone... then so sadly live like Hell in their private lives. They cover the real need - their own great need... by pointing always at another need that is real... but deflects the attention from themselves. If anyone thinks that Mayor Rob Ford is different than these ministers - sorry I don't believe it. BUT remember Mayor Rob Ford should be called His Worship or The Honorable Rob Ford, the Mayor of Toronto. Worship - Honorable? Hardly...
You are so right - it may not be 15% - maybe only 13% - whatever it is - it has empowered him to keep denying what he has need of - and my guess from watching the guys that defend him - they certainly understand. After 35 years of working with the 15% I will make some strong statements so that the ones that need help will escape the crap they are given - and run away to a shelter NOW!

Anonymous said...

I think you missed my point. Ford's problems aside, you said that Ford nation, in your opinion, were all substance abusers and wife beaters, "the worst of society". That's a pretty broad brush you just painted with, and I expected more from you.

Murray Lincoln said...

You are correct in that statement of using a broad brush to paint all of Ford Nation that way... some are definitely not. But I confess another thing to you... it was the same size brush that the Ford Nation uses to state that anyone that is not of their Leaders way of thinking is a Left wing idiot, an entitlement elitist and that they are wrong in every way. For the "faithful" to stand by their man's side and never admit he has a problem that should be dealt with.. they enable his abuse of everything.

In a Family that has a wife being abused by a husband - the husband's family will more than likely stand up for their son and brother - stand away from the ugly woman that made him this way!

In Ford's case he drinks because of the Press... because of entitlement kind of people that are always trying to tear down his ideology. It is their fault and every F Nation person knows it. Yesterday as the faithful of the F Nation called in on the talk shows I couldn't believe their attacks against the people that didn't like Ford!!!

So I admit to using a Broad Brush. Yep. But the question is how big should the brush be... and who is the abuser - just the one that is the husband - or are his family members abusers too... You see when Painting something - paint gets on everything near by... enough... you win... I am bad - you are right... move on.

everglo said...

Who is elected reflects on the moral values of society whether it is municipal, provincial or federal. That goes for every nation including our neighbours south of the border.
I rest my case. The good news, God is in control