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Thanks Sea Foam and thanks to the dude at Canadian Tire that helped me

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Thanks Sea Foam and thanks to the dude at Canadian Tire that helped me
The snow was deep and heavy by the time that I got outside to begin shoveling.  I knew that I had to get the snow blower ready now. This kind of snow is too heavy for someone my age to shovel… and the driveway somehow got bigger since last year!
So the next job was to get the snow blower ready to go, moving it from the storage area to the accessible area in the yard.  That was supposed to be easy… start it up and run it over to the area of the yard near the garden shed.
Poof that good idea evaporated quickly when the snow blower would not start.
It is a new snow blower that was purchased last year when the big sales were on.  What a bargain that was!  But now it wouldn’t start at all… no matter what I tried.
I took out the spark plug and saw that there was way too much liquid in the cylinder area – flooded it – darn it!  But even cleaning the brand new plug off didn’t help.
It seemed to be getting gasoline – but it would not fire up at all.
Could it be a gas line freeze up? Nope – the liquid was shooting through way too fast to even fire up.  It has to be the gas itself… maybe it goes bad or something.
So off to Canadian Tire (our Canadian super hardware and fix anything kind of store) I headed to see what was available.
There was the counter shelves full of answers to people’s problems.  There had to be a thousand answers all lined up for the buyer.
I was genuinely puzzled when a voice beside me asked me, “So what are you looking for – what’s the problem?”
I told the questioner what I was facing with the snow blower not starting.  He pointed to a white can on the shelf that had the name, “Sea Foam” on it.
“This is exactly what you need. I swear by it.” he stated adamantly.
I looked more closely at the dude. He was dressed in old clothes and no red shirt showing – meaning he was from outside of the store… a regular ‘Joe’ that looked like a mechanic of some sort – maybe a ‘hobby-mechanic’.
“I use this stuff in all my machines, lawnmower, outboard motor, snowmobile, and snow blower - you name it I add this stuff to the gasoline. I do this specially after the machine has sat for a few months. The gasoline they have made now has ‘ethanol’ in it. Ethanol reduces the Octane count and makes the gas hard to ignite.  Sea Foam changes all that the minute you put it into the tank and it will fire up right away” he stated with confidence.
“Try it and you will be selling this stuff to other guys the way I do!” he said with a big grin.
I bought a can of Sea Foam.
At home I poured in the recommended amount… then tried to turn the snow blower over. Whoa… it roared to life… lots of smoke at first… then it evened out… coughing a little and then finally purring like a kitten – a loud kitten!
Sea Foam works and is worth the $12 Canadian dollars they charged for it!!!
So like the guy predicted I am now telling others about the wonders of Sea Foam by this Blog… and by telling the next guy at the coffee shop table… Sea Foam works!
By the way it is not a ‘foam’ – it is a clear liquid. The name comes from the guys that first used it on their boats to get their motors running and keep their motors going strong... and if the boat moves you get ‘sea foam’ at the side and behind the boat meaning you are getting somewhere!
Thanks Sea Foam and thanks to the dude at Canadian Tire – the fellow shopper.
~ Murray Lincoln ~
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