Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Take a look at the World’s Largest and Most Intricate Woodcarving

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Take a look at the World’s Largest and Most Intricate Woodcarving
I really needed a break from “Ford-itis”(that is listening and being bombarded with all things about Mayor Rob Ford). It had developed into a severe case of almost running for the remote to turn off the TV – whenever he came on again.
Well I got the break that I needed in a delightful article supplied by “The Daily Mail” of the UK… in their article about “A whittle goes a long way! Chinese wood art breaks record for longest carving out of single piece of timber”
Zheng Chunhui, a famous woodcarver, has carved one of the biggest woodcarvings ever. Guinness Book of Records has granted him a place in their records after he took four years to carve this piece.
The photo tells the story.
To a fellow woodcarver it is amazing to say the least.  To stay connected to one piece of wood for that long – and intensely connected to say the least – it is nothing less than the greatest accomplishment ever done.
I have some pieces that I am carving for over four years as well. But my time is simply happening because I get bored with the piece and need a break.
I can only imagine how many times Zheng might have wanted to give up and simply walk away – or make himself a huge pile of fire wood!
Take a look at the detail that is shown in these following photos.  Amazing simply amazing!
This is a definite cure for “Ford-itis” – what a relief!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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