Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Now Canadians and Torontonians can breathe easy – it is all over

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Now Canadians and Torontonians can breathe easy – it is all over
Well it is all over.  All the political problems will now settle down and everything will be the way it should be.
The Prime Minister of Canada has gotten rid of three of his close friends that embarrassed him.
The Mayor of the City of Toronto – Rob Ford – says he will not quit the job, and that he is sorry, and that he will never ever, ever, ever (not sure of how many ever-s actually) do it again… I think that is get drunk in public or do drugs… but I must be specific it is do “Crack”.
Both men won their battles apparently and the world can continue turning.
But if anyone else in Ottawa doesn’t tow the line… their time is limited.  Fear now drives them and guides their daily actions in helping to lead our country.  What a wonderful cloud that must be to live under!
And in Toronto battle lines were drawn even in the middle of confession/apology… and the Mayor laid out his election platform. And don’t forget he through the word “God” in there at the end of what he was saying.
Conservatives across Canada feel relieved and less embarrassed with the riff raff gone.
The Ford Nation can raise its head and say, yes he is a good man for doing what he did in light of all his terrible oppressors riding him down into the mud – i.e. the horrible left wing press.  (Note: from what I read “left and right” has nothing to do with votes but rather “WRONG and our Right”)
The questions that roll around in my mind today are huge. How can people still keep supporting this kind of stuff?
One article I read today stated the author was going to join the group of “Beleaguered Voters” – the disillusioned people that once believed but no longer can. 
These people are outside of the solid supporters, who are possibly true Blue Conservatives that believe all are bad that are not under their banner… and the other group located in Toronto that still hold to Rob Ford as a hero against big bad and entitlement kind of politicians – people that will do any amount of lies to keep their jobs… you know… anyone that is not of the “F Nation”.
I am disheartened with what I have witnessed.  Just like a lot of other people that shake their heads and say I don’t want to vote again!… or why should I ever vote again!?
Take heart if you are in that category… the people that are addicted to power and other stuff will not be able to stop doing it again. They will do it again if they do not get help.
How do I know that?
Well after working with people for 40 years now and watching what happens… when they don’t get help they will do it again… and in doing so more people will be hurt. Addicts cannot heal themselves.
Now the last question that comes to most people minds that are kind of political… “Is Lincoln a Liberal or a Leftist NDPer… because he doesn’t seem to like Conservatives or the “F Nation”.
Nope I don’t lean to anyone of them. I have witnessed all of them do just as much damage when they have all the power possible.
Lincoln just can’t stand the lies, the deceit, the struggle to keep the huge salaries while others watch in horror to it all happening.  And this Lincoln just watches it all come down around their heads.
~ Murray Lincoln ~
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