Saturday, November 9, 2013

Jackson Proscow and his fellow reporters are Heroes – Thank you!

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Jackson Proscow and his fellow reporters are Heroes – Thank you!
Today as I trolled for stories that I have been following I came across an interesting piece by Jackson Proscow, the Municipal Affairs reporter with Global News. 

Jackson Proscow
I have seen Jackson on TV often as he brings on the spot reporting whenever something is going down or coming up.
In the most recent furor with the “Ford Circus” I caught it that Jackson was the one that asked the now infamous but all important question, “Have you ever smoked Crack?” – to the Mayor of Toronto. Apparently all the other reporters had never asked that correct question before – but now Jackson had and the Mayor stepped into the next phase where he started to admit more and more.
Today I listened to Jackson give me another slant that is so important to all of the stories… the reporter’s life through all the “BS” that is slung around them.
Jackson described what is like to be stationed outside a happening story that may suddenly have a whole new slant. The reporter waits and waits and waits and waits. That is one more wait than the Mayor had “ever-s” when he said the bad actions on his part will never ever happen again.
We have all seen the mash of reporters outside the Mayor of Toronto’s Office – waiting the BIG MAN to appear.
Jackson shared what it is like to never know if the Mayor is in a Bad of Good mood… and how it affects him answering or not.

Before I go further read Jackson’s article at “A reporter’s life on ‘elevator watch’ outside Mayor Rob Ford’s office”

Few of the public will even consider what the reporter goes through to tell a story to us.
In their own lives they have to be pretty sturdy with their emotions. They have to be very careful that they do not tell this BIG ASS MAYOR to simply drop dead. And that is why I am not a reporter as I have thought those thoughts of the liar on my screen of the TV.
Few of us would be able to have stood and keep standing when you are called a “maggot” by the Big Man and treated with as much disdain as one could possibly muster… the Ford Nation hates the Maggots even more than Ford does – in that the Maggots exposed their hero.
Yet Jackson Proscow keeps coming back to the story wherever it might happen.
I am admiring his stick-to-it-ness. My hat goes off to Jackson and his fellow reporters whatever their company may be.
There is much talk now of the Mayor of Toronto needing time off to get his act together.
I sure hope that the Managers at the News Rooms and Papers see the need for the reporters to get some time off as well.  They certainly must need it.
Finally – thank you to Jackson Proscow and the other reporters for the fine work you have done. Not only in this story but in others as well. You Gals and Guys rock… and are my heroes.
Hang on folks – don’t quit and keep telling us what you see. We need that. Thank you.
~ Murray Lincoln ~
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