Monday, November 25, 2013

“Sir, do you use drugs and have you used drugs in the last week?”

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“Sir, do you use drugs and have you used drugs in the last week?”
Here is something that I did not know.  And I really don’t need to be involved in this debate other than discussing it here.  The issue is the “smoking of pot”.
Nope I have never smoked pot – nor do I desire to do so. Unlike some politicians who have admitted to smoking pot during the time they have been an MPs for Canada – I have never done so.  Not in my adult life, not in my young adult life, not in my teen years nor my childhood days.
In reading the article that was posted by the CBC, “Pot Smokers warned: think twice before you cross the USA border” it is evident that the USA border agency folk are not interested in entertaining you if you are a Pot Smoker.
Colorado and Washington State have now changed their laws to make it possible to smoke pot in their states – legally.  After a certain date next year a person will be able to buy (and certain people sell) marijuana – and smoke it without a fine or potential conviction.
The article is pointing to Canadians that head south to these states with the intent to smoking dope while they are there.  It is showing if you ‘confess to having used MJ’ at the border you may well be not allowed into the USA.  In fact in the article a few people have been shown to be turned away and may never get back into the USA because of their admission.  If they smoke pot in Canada and admit it, they can and will be turned away at the border.  Their names are entered into the data base and each time they try to cross the will be turned back.
Good article – good warning.
But it has made me do some further thinking about this whole issue of ‘celebrity honesty’… and possibly getting into the USA.
Mayor Rob Ford immediately comes to my mind. He has finally openly admitted to having smoked Crack.  His friends have suggested that he get help for his addiction to alcohol in a place like the Betty Ford Clinic in California – which is in the good old USA.  Robby aint going to be allowed to cross – and specially when they know he is the so called Mayor of Toronto – and a Crack head.
The Liberal Leader, Justin Trudeau, and potentially the next Prime Minister of Canada if his party wins the election will not be allowed to enter the USA either.  He has admitted to doing the smokies while an MP. Whoa!
And it is no wonder that most of the MPs in Ottawa and the MPPs in Ontario – as well as the other City of Toronto Counselors become suddenly quiet when Robby Ford started challenging all of them to step up to the drug testing area and show what they have in their systems.
Now Justin Trudeau has offered his opinion on the fact that he believes that the Canadian Laws should be changed to allow the legal use of MJ, pot, and certain drugs.
Can you imagine what will happen if that was actually to happen. Every Canadian would be and could be considered a ‘druggie’at the border by the USA Border agency officers.
Now fast forward in my thinking… and my wife and I are attempting to drive across the border for a day of shopping… and the sharp border guard looks us over… sizes us up… then asks if we take any drugs. Oh boy!  Here goes an interesting scenario.
I will describe the handful of pills that I take each morning… six all told… and two more at night… and if I need another ‘fix up’ during the day I can usually pop up to four more to keep me going.
I am openly admitting that as a Canadian Senior Citizen – I am addicted to drugs and the use of drugs.  In fact I joked with my friends at coffee recently if I die tomorrow they will not need to embalm me – I am already partially pickled with the drugs that I take. Oh Boy.
I will never be able to look the border guards squarely in the eye again and say, “No I do not take drugs!” – because I do and I have to in order to stay alive… or moving… or going to the bathroom… or doing all the other small and normal tasks that need to be done to stay alive.
Without even doing anything I am close to being kept at home because I am a druggie, a pill pusher, a potential criminal that is among the worst in the world.
Okay – Okay – it is not quite that bad for the old goats like me.  But heaven help our politicians and their confessions.  Mayor Ford tried to be smart – but they caught him on video. Justin was trying to impress people – now he will not get his invite to the White House after he is elected… unless Obama makes a concession… or is smoking too.
~ Murray Lincoln ~
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