Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Try to Sing a New Song and you will hear about it – Ouch!

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Try to Sing a New Song and you will hear about it – Ouch!
I sang a New Song on Sunday… in the message that I preached.  I thought I did a good job and according to many that spoke to me afterwards – I did.
My message that was printed in this Blog tried to encourage people that no matter what they faced God would help them.
I mentioned a friend of mine that is a Community Chaplain as an illustration of a New Song.  Ouch!  A woman in the audience was very angry at the Chaplain for something she perceived him having done, and she let me know after the service was over. Ouch! Ouch! 
I blew it on Sunday morning also when I mentioned that Rob Ford’s troubles in Toronto were an example of a song that wasn’t so good… that he might need help and that I felt deeply for the man – Mr. Ford.
One man listened to every word he wanted to hear – not every word that I spoke, then he blasted me when we shook hands at the door – announcing with a very strong opinion that, “Rob Ford has never been charged with a Crime!” The moment he stated his opinion he pushed by me and left me standing there with my mouth open… Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!
He slapped his calling card in my hand and stormed out of the building. Oh Boy!
I was the guest minister for a poor pastor that was vacationing.  I think I have caused a small war for the poor minister to deal with when he gets back.
Pause… take a deep breath…
Wait a minute I didn’t say anything wrong.  Hold on here… I have been in this spot before when I was a full time Pastor as well.  Some “dear folk” kind of felt that their ‘God Given job’ was to let the minister have it whenever they got the chance…. And they did – regularly.  But in my case I always knew who and guessed at the possible when.  The “Ouch!” was smaller but always wearing away at my sanity.
Take a deep breath… I don’t have to deal with this stuff anymore. One or two “Ouches” on an occasional Sunday are okay… I can take a bath when I get home.
A funny thought… I am not the spouse of - or a relative of either of these ‘dear christians’ – I was only there once and happy to not have to listen to this all the time.
Rob Ford however did invade my thinking a lot yesterday as Toronto City Counselors dealt with the issues they had to deal with.  Ouch! – for them.
~ Murray Lincoln ~
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