Saturday, September 18, 2010

When a Grandparent Gets Excited – Wahoo!

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Today’s Blog Post

When a Grandparent Gets Excited – Wahoo!

I held my breath. The Team lined up and positioned themselves at the readied crouch. Their helmets glistened in the sunlight. The tension could be felt by all of us.

The opposing Team glared through the grid mask with their mouth guards in place. They too readied themselves. Their one intent was to do everything in their power to ‘kill’ the players in front of them.

The Red Wall of the Chargers was about to smash through the Yellow and Black Wall of the Steelers. The moment that the Center lifted that small brown ball off the grass, tossing it backwards between his legs, all Hell would break loose… bodies would crash and clash against each other.

The entire Red Wall had one target in mind in the next few seconds. The Ball would be directed back to one person and then the last person standing, just behind that dude, would quickly kick with all the power that could be mustered. If successful, their Team would gain more points, if not they would lose. One kick would make a difference – completely!

Now if you can imagine the danger that is involved at this supreme moment. The Red Wall doesn’t want the Kicker to kick that ball over the uprights. In fact the Red Wall’s sole purpose is to squash the Yellow and Black Team – FLAT. And in particular make sure that the Kicker is rattled enough, knowing that great hurt could come upon every part of his body if the players in front of him fail to hold the Red Wall back!

My words cannot really show what the total feeling is at that one moment in time.

But I can tell you I was sitting in the stands holding my breath. I was crossing my fingers and anything else that I could cross to make sure that the Kicker did the best ever! This was my total purpose for getting out of bed early on a cold Saturday morning… and to sit on this cold stand. I was there for the Kicker.

My heart beat and my gaze fastened on the play that was about to erupt.

The Kicker is my Granddaughter, Emma Lindsay. She is the only girl on her Team. There is one other girl in the Kinsman Football League and she plays on the Red Wall’s Team – The Chargers.

I bit down on my knuckle hard and hung on to the seat I was sitting on. “They better not hurt her!” was my first thought. “I hope she can not fold under the pressure of the glares that they are giving her...” was my second. And the third was expressed by my slightly over excited wife, Emma’s Grandmother when she bellered at the top of her voice… in fact it was a genuine SCREAM… “COME ON EMMA YOU CAN DO IT!”

The ball was snapped backwards to the Place Holder, he positioned the ball and Emma kicked it for all she was worth. The Red Wall was coming as the ball screamed out from Emma’s foot and sailed way up above the cross bars and between the left and right uprights.

OUR EMMA DID IT! Hokey Mokey – My granddaughter will make it to the CFL and the NFL easily… we screamed and we pounded our feet and we carried on – like we were crazy… then sat down… because the entire host of family members of all the players (both teams) had turned to look at these two crazy old, white haired people that had just had a fit on the top row of the bleachers!

Okay, Okay… I admit I get a little excited. It was Emma’s first game on the Senior Team, her first game of the season… and it was her first kick under REAL PRESSURE! And she did it well! WAHOOOOOOOOO!

People in the stands with us were still looking at Alida and me. I said simply for all to hear… “That is MY GRANDDAUGHTER that just kicked that ball!” They stared at me kind of funny – so I sat down again.

The guy sitting beside me explained that his son was on the Chargers Team – The Red Wall. He was Number 4. And Number 4 had just run the ball well down the field. All he said quietly, almost under his breath… “Come on Donny, you can do it…”.

I looked blankly at the dad of Number 4… and thought to myself… “Man this guy needs to be a grandparent to get some excitement!”

Okay I admit... not everyone is quite as excited as I am. I just get into it… but not near as much as he Grandmother does! Sheesh!

Emma is part of the Saturday AM Kinsmen Minor Football League in Peterborough. And with the help of some amazing volunteers, the Kinsmen have brought about a miracle for the kids of our community. And with the help of the parents and grandparents that get the kids to the practices all week long after supper until dark… and the kids that put everything they have into it… our community is a winner.

Each Saturday Morning four teams play hard at two games on the Senior field – with two games completed by about 1 PM. And at the same time, four Teams that are considered the Juniors, play on the other field. How can I tell you it better… Peterborough has football for almost the next two months! Wahooo!

It has taken almost 10 hours for me to collect my thoughts enough to post on this Blog. I have settled down and my heart rate is back to normal again.

I am happy so happy… so very happy! Wahoooo! Oh Yah Oh Yah Oh Yah!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


Anonymous said...

Hi Dad
That kick was HUGE for her! Now she knows she can do it, but maybe more importantly, everyone knows. They won't be asking why the smallest kid on the team is the kicker. And did you notice that the other team (the Chargers) didn't have a single good kick in three tries? It's tough to do, but Emma makes it look easy.
In the junior game, the Steelers had a tie, everyone wished that Emma was still on the team, because with one kick, they have two extra points and a win instead of a tie. Too bad there is only one Emma.
Bruce (Proud Dad)

Brenda said...

Now That's a Great Blog!! Good for you Emma! And Good for you Grandma & Grandpa!!