Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oil Wells and Families – Kerboom!

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Today’s Blog Post

Oil Wells and Families – Kerboom!

Here we go again! I just read the account of ANOTHER Oil Rig Explosion… and guess where? The Gulf of Mexico of course!!!

No it is not a BP Rig. But rather it is a rig owned by Houston-based Mariner Energy.

13 people were on board and they are safe.

What a relief!

It makes me wonder why this happens. The other explosion that caused all the problems with Oil leaking everywhere was also started by an explosion as well. The difference was that it got out of hand quickly.

The issue is that they are doing dangerous stuff near areas that are fragile… and great damage could happen when something goes wrong.

I use this opening story to say this. This Oil Rig Explosion is a whole lot like life. It is happening in a fragile and difficult environment – if anything goes wrong… plants, animals and people will die.

Take a family for example, add in a stupid husband or a dumb wife… acting in personal ways that will hurt everyone… and you will have an family environmental disaster. Nope duckies and little fishes will not die… just the hearts of the family and particularly the kids.

I told quite a few people that their actions will deeply affect their kids. Some were offended by my words.

I had a call this morning from a grieving mother. Her son is in jail and will come out soon. He has no support and no abilities to cope with society. He could go back in a heart beat.

The story opened up as she described her son’s father. He was an abusive alcoholic. The son became a carbon copy of the old man. The mother is remarried and will not allow her son to come into her home. Everything about the boy is like her first husband… and she can’t trust him at all.

I have met young ladies that are acting out big time.

Yesterday while Tatting in the Mall I met more.

One had two babies and the other had one and was pregnant again. They do not have the daddies tagging along… just idiots that have no brains... that are new boy friends. In both cases the boyfriend was not the father of the kids they have... but if the boyfriend gets lucky tonight and buys the right amount of cigarettes – he could be get lucky… and another child will be conceived.

I talked to one of the gals. Her mom is a loser. She left with another man when the girl was young. If it is good for mommy… then I can do it too.

I conducted a wedding a few years back where almost every person attending was in a messed up way… lots of kids… no jobs… welfare and Government support… and out of about 80+ people being there… only one man had a real job.

Sitting beside my wife and I was a loud, FAT woman that told of her present man and her present condition. Her daughters were sitting beside her… both pregnant – their ages would be about 16 & 14!

I wanted to leave early… but the I to do the marriage ceremony and give a couple the hope they needed. For most of the audience was pretty well hopeless.

Oil Rigs in the Gulf of Mexico are very much like many 2010 families… dangerous and volatile… almost always ready to blow!

BP and other Oil Companies are not at fault. It is the workers onboard that need to smarten up and make it safe for themselves and others that are nearby.

There I vented again. And I know one things for sure.. only God can sort some of this crapola out.

Am I ever glad I am not God!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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