Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Minster comes out of the Closet about Prostitution

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Today’s Blog Post

Minster comes out of the Closet about Prostitution

I am in a very dangerous place at this moment. It could be the difference of going ahead in life and stopping dead to never do anything of value – EVER AGAIN. The situation is serious – very serious.

What in the world could make a retired minister ever face such a serious dilemma?

Here goes. And as I put these words into this Blog I have made the decision to take the stand and lose everything that I have built so far with my credibility. Gulp… here goes!

I should explain why this is going to happen before I actually do it. I am a retired minister… worse yet I am of the Protestant faith group, and even worse yet… I am the Evangelical clumping together… and totally worse yet I am a Pentecostal! God help all of you that are anywhere near me now – or have read this Blog not knowing the details of how dangerous I really am!

In the eyes of the World way out there, you know the ones that never go to church and think that all church goers are fruit cakes, I am a complete nut case. Anything and everything that might come from my mouth is pure craziness in the world of 2010. Nobody in their right mind would listen to the Idiots that sit near me, or talk like me… or think like me.

See… I have already placed our loosely crafted relationship with you being the reader and me being the writer at risk. You are at risk – just reading this “junk”.

And by far the worst part is about to happen… I will comment on something that has just taken place in Canada’s court system.

Here goes….

Yesterday, Ontario Superior Court Justice Susan Himel, made a way for the laws concerning prostitution to be radically changed… in fact as it has been reported so far… it could make a way for prostitution to become a legitimate business.

On it is reported that.. quote…
“In a decision Tuesday, Ontario Superior Court Justice Susan Himel ruled that the current law is unconstitutional because it contributes to the danger faced by sex trade workers.

Himel struck down sections of the Criminal Code that make it illegal to communicate for the purpose of prostitution in public, to keep a "common bawdy house" and to profit from prostitution-related activities.”
End quote.

In fact the news last evening on TV was filled with reports of this radical departure from what we have known about the laws concerning prostitution.

One of the Sex Trade workers that was involved in launching this challenge at the Ontario Supreme court said something about the public and business people saying something like ‘don’t worry about this… we are ordinary people like you…’ and “the streets are not going to fill with frogs…”

The editor of that TV piece certainly picked a terrible example to demonstrate the plus side of this major decision. DUH! Frogs?

Yet it(she) was a very good example of what should be shown. This is the potential of what your 18 year old and up… daughter and granddaughter will be speaking like at the end of their sex trade career – that they could potentially chose for safe work now!

Thank you editors and producers – that was a good one!

Yes, as I speak out I will put my person, my family and my whole being at risk as THEY ridicule me as being a RELIGIOUS NUT CASE for saying this is very wrong! The reasoning and the logic that has been used to arrive at this decision that Ms. Himel has come to is at the least a huge stretch and very wrong.

The quote that the Newpapers are printing are…
Montreal Gazette reported Himel… "These laws, individually and together, force prostitutes to choose between their liberty interest and their right to security of the person as protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms," she said in a decision that has been on reserve for more than a year.

"I find the danger faced by prostitutes greatly outweighs any harm that may be faced by the public," Himel wrote.
End quote.

It was the “greatly outweighs any harm that may be faced by the public” that stirs me up deep inside.

Obviously, Ms. Himel and others that are forcing her to make this statement have never spoken to a mother and father of a Prostitute. They have never been with the anguished parent that has a daughter that has gone completely out and away from all that she was taught in her family.

They have never been with the person that has been wracked with sickness and disease that she or he has picked up doing their sex trade.

The ruling states that we should be concerned about the potential danger that the ‘public’ has placed these girls in because they are not able to interview their potential ‘John’ to see if it is safe or not.

There is no morality involved. No one stating what might be good for society any longer. What really matters is the Rights of the individual… their safety – yadda, yadda. Yadda!

What about the safety and plan that the family had for their daughter or son… and the choices that they make being taught at that early age?

Wake up Canada. Your son, Your daughter, Your grandchild… is the next possible sex trade worker.. given the right or wrong set of circumstances. Declaring that prostitution is wrong, morally completely wrong… is NOT WRONG! Did you get that? Standing up and saying something because of your love for humanity… is not wrong.

I may be labeled a nut case… one of those in the church that will oppose this… SO BE IT. I am one of that kind!

But you already knew that when I warned you earlier.

But there is no way that the people that oppose this can get a word in edgewise. We are the religious right… the extremists, nut cases, that oppose anything and everything of progressive thinking.

All I know is that I have sat with prostitutes and listened to some gut wrenching stories and then cried with them. They didn’t want this for themselves and their families.

I have listened to parents that have lost their kids to prostitution. I don’t think they would vote for what is happening… and they are not religious nut cases either. They are mourning the loss of their kids. Yes they died! They died from the sicknesses and disease that the kids got from good citizens while having sex.

I have listened to the wife of a “John” that has been with prostitutes… and cried with her when his sexual addiction destroyed their family. That is not what she thought he promised when they stood at the church altar taking their wedding vows so many years ago! Not at all!

Am I riled up? Yep… just a little and I am also disgusted to think that smart people have fallen for this new way to make something very wrong seem right.

So today.. in this simple text.. this Minister takes a stand and says – this is nuts! Will someone with some brains please look at more than the rights of an individual? Will some one please look at what is good for society? For families? For kids? For the future?

God help us all!

Ooops sorry.. I invoked a being that is a myth in all of this stuff… imagine asking GOD to help us? How utterly stupid of me!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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