Saturday, September 4, 2010

Quick Finger Willy in Seattle! The man that shot John T. Williams

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Today’s Blog Post

Quick Finger Willy in Seattle! The man that shot John T. Williams

What a tragedy! John T. Williams was shot to death on Monday. The circumstances around this shooting are both sad and mixed with some humour.

John T. was a wood carver… and a very good one at that. He was also aboriginal and specialized in aboriginal carvings.

With this background and the fact that he was living in Seattle, Washington at the time, made for some very bad circumstances that eventually led to his suddenly death at the hands of a reported “rookie” cop.

As John T. walked across the street… or stumbled as one report stated… he had a knife in his hand. The copper yelled at him to drop the knife – the deadly weapon. When John T. refused, didn’t hear with his deaf ear, or maybe just didn’t understand… the copper filled him with four bullets.

It seems to me that one bullet would likely be enough – placed in John T.’s leg or somewhere repairable. But nope… the copper didn’t like what he saw so… BLAM… BLAM… BLAM… and BLAM (just for good measure.

“That’ll teach you… you silly Wood Carver! Take that and that and that and just for good measure THAT TOO!”

How could someone blow another person away… and specially when he is carrying a knife???? This is so stupid.

Now John T. had some problems in the past… granted. Maybe he drank too much… and maybe even was using some of the substance that fateful Monday.

One report the other cops are now saying… that John T. lunged at the policeman. DUH – I guess so… that is why the man in Grey or Blue – let him have three more generous bullets! People lunge when they are allergic to lead bullets!

John T. is likely looking on right now and trying to tell everyone about his bad knees… when he stood up he kind of staggers when the old legs would support him. My imagination tells me that part of the story.

Today I was at the Kinmount Fair to demonstrate sharp tools and what sharp tools can do on wood. I am a wood carver like John T. When I stand up I stagger too. When I stood too long today…in one spot… I had trouble getting going… and I was holding a very sharp tool.

Thank God there were no cops around.

One cop did walk by and then went out the back door of the building we were in… and almost fell down with his foot caught on the rope… to which I quickly rescued him by holding the rope steady for him. Come to think of it, I had a knife in my hand at that moment too.

Thank God that Canadian cops stop and thank you when you help them. Not like Quick Finger Willy in Seattle!

This is sad… but John T. needs to know that there will not be a wood carver in the world that will not remember him… shot down while carving a piece of wood!

John T. Williams we will not forget you!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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