Thursday, September 30, 2010

Prostitutes – Sex Trade Workers and Fuddy Duddy Ministers

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Today’s Blog Post

Prostitutes – Sex Trade Workers and Fuddy Duddy Ministers

Come on get with it! Times are changing. Don’t you realize that in many places around our Globe today… prostitutes are a recognized group… and legitimate working group?

That is pretty much what I feel like when I take a stand that declares my displeasure with the decisions being made about the changes in the laws concerning Prostitution.

You will remember that I wrote about this yesterday… and pointed to the Ontario Court Judge that struck down three areas of the present law our province has on this issue.

Within 24 hours Appeals were filed in conjunction with this decision. The Appeals came from our Provincial Government. The Government had the time in that the judge ordered that changes would take place for 30 days.

Prostitutes are people that get money for having sex with other people. They can be men or women that are involved.

Now the very word Prostitute is rather mean and nasty. It is derogatory to say the least. It is a foul label to put on some one – unfair for sure. In our liberated world where the sensitive issues of the wrong use of words can get you into serious trouble.

In my Grandparent’s day, the Black People and the African had an entirely different nomenclature. They were described by the “N” word.

In my Parent’s day men that slept with men and women that slept with (– please note “slept with” meant having sex with the person…) were called “Queer”, fruits and lots of other things that were pretty nasty.

But all of that changed too as we are more inclusive and the new words used are much more correct. In fact we are so accepting now compared to my Parent’s day and age… that it is proper now to have a Gay Person come into a class room at my grandkid’s school and teach the proper way to talk about and to a Gay Person.

Please note that the once widely used term for a person that was called a Christian is a person of Faith. And the horror for a Born Again Christian is a Religious Nut Case – or the conservative element… which is some what kinder but it carries “nut case” in the small print and understanding.

Now 2010 we are in a NEW ERA. Prostitutes are no longer called Prostitutes… they are “Sex Trade Workers”. Now there is a radical turning point that few have noticed. What a subtle transformation from Slut and Whore (the old days) to Sex Trade Worker. WOW!

Now my stupid mind goes crazy with the transformation.

My one son-in-law is an Electrician and he belongs to a union, and would be classified as being part of the Electrical Trade.

The other son-in-law is a Funeral Director (once known as an Undertaker – which left feelings that he took you down below from where you are I suppose – so they changed that name as well). His group has a special association and though we may not use the term – he is in the Funeral Industry – he is a Funeral Worker.

Now the new designation of Sex Trade Worker has been flaunted… and made it somewhat more classy to carry on the business.

So when I need an Electrician or Funeral Director I pull out the old Telephone Directory and flip through to the appropriate pages to get a number.

How will the Sex Trade section look in the local telephone directory when the next stage takes place fully? Have you got the picture yet? You will in the new books coming your way.

As the law has been coming close to the change that is being pushed through… it is possibly no longer going to be a law breaker to be in the Sex Trade Work… or to hire a gal or guy to do the service… what will happen then? It is no longer then a Provincial law matter. So it is not breaking any provincial law. It can be taken away from that area and then dealt with under any criminal law sets… if there is a crime committed.

It definitely will not be a Criminal act of any sort if every one is doing the things that Sex Trade Workers do – the right way… with no embezzling, extortion or physical harm done.

The only problem then will be – where should the place be to carry on the Sex Trade Worker’s Industry? It is a municipal problem not under Provincial or Federal jurisdiction – at all.

Now where will the city or town or community set up the legalized Sex Trade Work place?

Do you want to see the NIMBY attitude get fired up – start making that decision in your town or city!? It will happen here for sure!

Now one simple question that we all need to answer is… who will use the Sex Trade Workers? That answered, we then can tell people where it should be located. Right?

It will be sleaze ball type guys right?

So maybe it should be in sleaze ball districts of the city… right? But won’t that make it kind of negative – isolated and seem kind of dirty?

I mean if your dad wants to go to see the Sex Trade Worker… won’t that put your dear old dad in a dangerous place next to sleaze ball kind of people?

If your son needs to go there – wouldn’t you want it clean so he doesn’t get sick?

If your boyfriend, or for that matter girlfriend, wants to go… or maybe… your mom….

I mean on a main street, near fast food restaurants and near the Malls would make more sense – right?

NOW – you can likely see my tongue pushing against my cheek.. until my jaw locked just now…

This is utterly stupid the way that we are going as a society! Absolutely ridiculous to say the least!

Wouldn’t you like to sit on the City Council for the next few years as zoning bylaws are adjusted to accommodate the new industry that is being recognized locally. The politicians and photo ops will be amazing!

Stupid – stupid – stupid!

How do things ever get this far into stupidity?

When you replace “Morality” with “Rights” it happens real fast. In Canada we are so fixated on the Rights of everyone… that we cannot see the affects on everyone and society.

But we have a really stupid guide line… if the person is below 18 we get riled up and say NO WAY!

We as a society maintain some sort of a wishy washy morality until that big birthday… then all changes.

What would happen if someone stood up and stated the obvious, a stronger set of Morals for all of us is not a bad thing? And Morals could quite possibly be linked to a “Higher Power” who is interested in this kind of thing.

BTW – in my Grandparent’s day, my Parent’s day… and believe it or not – MY DAY – the Higher Power was GOD… but even he is politically incorrect and doesn’t fit into any Rights Riddled Society!

God help God to get out of here! Our society doesn’t need him to be interfering in our affairs!

But there is one thing that all of our changes cannot get rid of… mankind and womankind – still has a conscience… way down inside.

I have spoken with Sex Trade Workers… and they don’t like what they do either. Their hearts are broken and their lives have been shattered… but there is still something called a conscience..

God loves them the way they are. And when he made them he put that wee small part in their “heart” or “mind” that still wants Him.

I am watching my leaders to see what happens now. With an election coming up in less than a month now… I wonder if anyone will ask the local politicians what their vision is for the Sex Trade Workers and Industry in our community?

Yep – I am an old fashioned Fuddy Duddy – pure and simple!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


1 comment:

David Grant said...

I remember the 4 teenage girls from key families in a church I was in having their own little prostitution ring. It seems there were a few men in the church that had availed themselves of their services. If I recall correctly, the parents weren't overly pleased.