Friday, September 3, 2010

The Truth will set you free… except if you are in the political worlds

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Today’s Blog Post

The Truth will set you free… except if you are in the political worlds

There are “Blog Life” lessons in Politics. Take for instance what is taking place in British Columbia right now.

You shouldn’t really speak your mind in Blogging – because you can thoroughly tick some one off! Even if it is the Truth. A reporter can speak the “truth” but not someone that is in the know. When you are in the know and in the family – you better keep your mouth shut!

The province of BC has been battling the HST being instituted recently… similar to Ontario’s battle. But the battle in BC is a little different in that through reporters have been digging deeply into Government Documents and found that the present Gov knew about the possible problems before the election… and chose to leave it alone… because some perceived the potential political nightmare because of it. And their perception was correct.

Now at the present time an insider, Jordan Bateman, last week Blogged about his feelings and that is a no-no! Yikes.

He works in the Langley BC area… from the Vancouver Sun’s article it states the following… quote…
“Bateman is in his second term as president of Housing and Social Development Minister Rich Coleman's Fort Langley-Aldergrove riding association. His term ends on Sept. 11, and on Thursday he said he will not be continuing in the role after that.

Bateman is also a local wedding chaplain and a councillor in the Township of Langley.” End quote (reference below)

Oh boy… he is a Chaplain that has spoken his mind. That is another clue… he is being too darn honest. And people that are in Power don’t want people to know too much honesty… or another way to say that is the Truth.

Too much Truth can hurt the party.

I read one of the posts (listed below) and see that Jordan was simply giving his honest opinion about the Premiere of the Province of BC. Reporters have been doing this all along. Now Jordan did it too and is he ever in hot water! Woooiee!

The issue is simple… the question is simple… once you are part of an organization… can you tell the Truth? Once you are in leadership – dare you tell what really is happening?

The answer is simply – NO! People expect it – but they know too that you cannot say anything.

Last evening I was visiting with someone. In the course the evening I spilled my guts… ooops… telling a few truthful accounts of the “sin” some members of the local church had experienced over the last 25 years.

It was a nightmare to live through for me… but I kept it quiet until last night I spilled it out… Ooops. These friends will keep the nasty little secrets I know… but I needed to say I now feel guilty for telling the Truth…. Because the Truth hurts…and in leadership you need to keep the Truth going in a certain way… not too close to people that might want to know the Truth.

The church is no different than Government… it is powerful and it has secrets.

This posting is not about Church, Government or secrets. It is about being able to tell the secrets and when you can be honest about the stuff you know.

If Jordan Bateman had waited and then wrote his Biography later on – including the juicy details of mismanagement and stupidity… he would like a have best seller. But by telling the Truth he knows now… he is being crucified.

There has been a retraction and a sputtering by Jordan… as he withdraws his former comments from his Blog.

Now as a person that has been in leadership… I wonder at what they have on Jordan now to make him take it all back and blame some one else? Someone has power!

Read the Vancouver Sun’s coverage to see the detail.

Blogging allows a new way to be Truthful… about things that you feel and see. Blogging also has a responsibility with it. You better know the facts and also tell the Truth... or someone will have your tale and what is connected to it.

Reporters have Lawyers to protect their Butts… Bloggers have Butts only… and if they know what is good for them they had better not tell the Truth… because the Truth can be sued.

We live in a sick and silly world. When people that are powerful can get away with choking the life out of someone that tells the Truth… and threaten them with whatever… something is wrong.

Locally in our own Peterborough Catholic Churches, leadership tried on occasions to tell the Truth of what is going on. A Local Priest that I knew spoke out against the sin he saw… he was posted in Northern Manitoba by the Bishop of the time.

Even ministers are expected to have a certain decorum… and keep their mouths shut. Even if they know the Truth… they are to keep quiet.

Whatever happened to the idea that “the Truth will set you free”?

~ Murray Lincoln ~


1 comment:

David Grant said...

Religious deception works best by confusing beliefs with truth. Truth never fears being tested or exposed whereas beliefs war against anything that remotely threatens them.

You'd be surprised by the number of deceptions we have been part of in the name of religion. You can even tell people about them but they won't believe you.