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The 2010 Kinmount Fair – and Misty Hollow Carving wood demonstrations with the Spring Pole and Treadle Lathe

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Today’s Blog Post

The 2010 Kinmount Fair – and Misty Hollow Carving wood demonstrations with the Spring Pole and Treadle Lathe
I wasn’t quite sure how it would work out. Alida and I were booked to take part in the Kinmount Fair working with the old tools and also working with the Spring Pole and Treadle Lathes. To my delight our daughter called and asked if two of our their sons could come for the Long Weekend in September. That meant mixing one Teen and one almost Teen into our presentations at a very busy Fair Ground.

I couldn’t be chasing the kids all over the Fair Ground.

Well I just happen to be one of the most blessed Grandpas in the world. These guys just want to help. They saw what I was doing and loved every moment.

“Grandpa what can I do?” – are magic words to me. I absolutely think I have gone to heaven! These guys are amazing!

Now the setting…
The part of the Kinmount Fair we are involved in is the Pioneer Exhibits. This consists of two wooden buildings with permanent collections in them. These two buildings are separated with a gravel pad between them where they place a giant, two mast, tent over the area and pioneer demonstrations of all sorts take place under the tent.

In one corner of the one wooden building is a great selection of ancient tools... that have been assembled and presented as part of their museum presentation.

Then just a few steps away from that area is the tent entrance where they have situated my two Lathes that I have been demonstrating.

I hope the photos will help you see some of this.

As I began my presentations to the folk walking by, a crowd would gather of maybe 10 to 20 people each time. Then over and over again I would tell the story of the old days and wood working.

Think of the Guy that sells the potato peeler or onion chopper and then put Pioneer Clothing on him… then wind him up and let him go… THAT IS WHAT I AM LIKE at these shows!

Now have grandsons watch you and they can do the same thing! These kids are naturals! They listened to what I said and then said the same thing over and over and over and over again.

I fact we all talked from 9:30 AM until 6:00 PM – NON STOP! Eating lunch was one bite and then talk…one bite and watch… and 30 minutes later I ate the last bite.
One man came by and asked me about the old tools. It was a great conversation. He was from Toronto and loved this old stuff, the country fair and the whole idea of what we were doing.

He pointed over to the tool area and said how much had learned from that amazing young man. He said, “I can’t believe it. I learned so much from that young man over there. He is just a teenager and he knew way more about tools than I have ever heard before… and he was so good in the way that he talked to me!”

I grinned from ear to ear and said, “That’s my Grandson!”

The man responded by saying, “Well it is amazing how well you have taught him! Congratulations!”
I beamed form ear to ear.

I looked over and watched my amazing wife. She had a huge number of people around her all the time. She welcomed them as they came by her table and talked to everyone. She explained the carvings that we had displayed and how her husband had carved all of it… then she gave out cards and pamphlets by the hundreds.

I saw Alida step back and take a breath and then Jonathan, the teenager, stepped up and began to speak to every one coming by. “MY grandpa carved all these. If you would like have someone special in your family done… he can take a photo that you give him and carve them in wood.”

Alida said it was amazing to see Jonathan take over. He was loving what he was doing and never stopped or missed a beat to promote Misty Hollow Carving.

Thomas is his younger brother. He is solid and quiet… most of the time. I stepped away from the Lathes to get a drink and a potty break. I came back and there he was talking steadily to a group of people all about the Lathe. He had someone about his age at the Spring Pole Lathe and they were trying it out. Thomas told them exactly what to do, showed them how to be safe and kept the show going. If Grandpa had disappeared for an hour or so he had it all under control.

I beamed from ear to ear again. These guys are amazing!

I gotta run. It is 7:30 AM. The guys are ready to go again. McDonalds is waiting for us… for a Big Breakfast… and then off to the fair again.

It is something else keeping up to teenagers that are excited.

BTW – the Kinmount Fair has a very large Midway… a place with lots of rides and fun. The guys were so involved with out demonstration they never asked to go outside at all.

Today I think there is a tractor pull… and some real noisy machines to see … so maybe Grandpa will take a look see… with his boys…

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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