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Meet the Honorable Helen Guergis

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Today’s Blog Post

Meet the Honorable Helen Guergis
Attitude is everything. If you act like a jackass you will be treated like a jackass! If you want respect you need to show respect. If you really want people to look up to you – then act like you should – respectable and honourable.

These simple statements were things that I picked up from my family and teachers along the way as I rose to adulthood over these 65 years of living. Acting stupid in my world brought consequences that were not always good.

Worse yet in our schools we had bullies that acted out whenever they felt like it and to whoever they felt like giving their attention to. We didn’t have anti bullying laws to protect our kids. We simply learned to fight back or/and run real fast. Before I ever learned what a cross country race was about I had been doing it to avoid bullies in our small community.

Maybe it was that early avoidance of the danger that helped me to grow a healthy respect for my own rights.

During the First and Second World Wars we all saw what miserable and horrible little men did to our World. The Hitler of Germany and the Japanese of the Pacific demonstrated what happens when the wretched people that are bullies accomplish to get their own ways.

I don’t back down to bullies anymore. I will do anything in my power to hold them responsible for their actions. They have no right to get away with fowl actions that are delivered to undeserving people. It is abuse and can not be tolerated.

Now pausing for a moment I add these facts. As a Minister in churches for 35 years I witnessed the horror of what abuse from bullies does to those around then. I cannot count the number of families and churches that were affected deeply by bullies… loud screaming and frightening bullies. People that could care less that their own children were scarred for life – or not… let alone others.

As a community volunteer I have worked extensively with men coming from prison. These men are generally reviled for their horrible treatment of other people after they abused and harmed society with their bullying tactics. Many if not all of these ex-offenders were bullied and harmed deeply when they were young. They are a product of bullying tactics.

Having said all that, I am speaking to the actions of one really nasty lady that helps to run our country as a Cabinet Minister in our present Government in Ottawa.

Meet the Honourable Helen Guergis, “Minister of State for the Status of Women”. Actually you may not like to meet Dear Helen, at least not alone and in an Airport in P.E.I. when she is late for a flight. That happened on April 19, 2010.

If you haven’t heard about it – you need to make yourself aware. What she did is nothing less than nasty and mean – proving herself a real bully.

I should use the word “allegedly” in all that I say. To protect myself – please add it in wherever you need to in this article.

If you haven’t heard about Dear Helen’s action in the Charlottetown airport – you need to.

First it is alleged that she was in the airport on the 19th of February 15 minutes before her flight – and the flight of 40 other folks was to leave for Montreal. It is alleged that she cursed up a storm – talked down to the staff and berated the people of P.E.I. with some of her comments.

Second it is alleged that she is a responsible person and should have leadership over a very important position in our Government. The position is higher than the grounds and maintenance people at the parliament buildings in Ottawa. She has more authority than the general secretarial staff in her Ministry – alleged to have that is...

Third it is alleged that she has apologized to the staff of Air Canada and maybe the people of P.E.I.

I feel for the poor “Aid” that tagged along with her – or behind her at that airport scene. The articles and accounts that I read tell of an Aid arriving with her and flying with her…!!! Can you imagine working for a bully like Helen? (Please note that I have dropped the “Honourable”. People like Helen and acting like Helen do not earn the word Honourable in my mind.)

This should be looked into – and at length. Dear Helen needs to step down and get over to some serious anger management classes. Her staff should receive counselling and support, maybe even given a transfer from that department for what they have gone through.

Please don’t tell me that she has found religion and got it right with God. That is classic and sometimes usable in some crowds. I am a Minister – the God kind. I have listened and watched that card being used all too often and then the abuse continues.

In my world, as a leader in our community, I am expected to call the Police and Children’s Aid when there is abuse. We have system in place that requires me to act and act now – or I could be charged as well.

I am asking my own MP, Dean Del Mastro, to ask some serious questions to his own Conservative Party and his Boss, Prime Minister Stephen Harper. I think something needs to change and change now. The abuser needs to be relieved of her position and placed in counselling.

To think that it will all go away after she says she is sorry – issuing an official apology to those that she said these things to – is plain nuts!

Again as a Minister I have witnessed too many bullies that have beat their wives or husbands, then in tearful, repent modes to protect their butts – asked the one that they hurt to forgive them and take them back. I have watched some fellow Ministers protect the abusers as well – only to see whole families destroyed with the Minister not “seeing” the abuse.

Do I seem overly worked up about something that allegedly happened in a remote little airport to a group of people serving our public?

Yah, I get that way when I am around bullies. It started when I lived in that tough little community on the east end of Regina, Saskatchewan. It was either fight or flight. And after being beat up a few times I learned to run fast… but while running I promised my self that someday when I was older I would do something about the bullies. And I haven’t forgotten my promise to do something about it!!!!

Dear Helen Guergis,
Whatever your personal problems are, please do the right thing and resign from this important position. Find help before you hurt more people around you. You definitely are not helping anyone the way that you have acted in P.E.I. In my world of church work they have labelled this kind of action a “Moral Failure” and we as Ministers are asked to step down. For the sake of your staff I am asking you to do the same.

Yours truly,
Rev. Murray Lincoln
Peterborough, Ontario

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~ Murray Lincoln ~

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